Getting my Trienekens garbage bin replaced for free

If you live in Kuching, Padawan and Serian, it's likely that your garbage is collected by Trienekens. The company not only collects our garbage, but...

How to replace the fill valve of a flush system

Just today, the fill valve of my toilet flushing system got damaged. What happened was water couldn't fill up the flush tank, and this in...
hit by a lightning strike

It exploded after being hit by a lightning strike

Have you ever experience your appliances being hit by a lightning strike before? To be honest, I have never had such experience, but I believe...

Random electrical blackout in my house – Why and how to fix it

For the past month, there has been random electrical blackout in my house. These blackouts effect only my house which was odd. It really baffled me,...

Problem with the washing machine – A RM58 fix

A couple of weeks ago, my wife complained that there was a problem with the washing machine. She told me that the 'turbine' in washing...
Patio at Peace Resort

My patio project

After my Samui trip, I really wanted to have a proper outdoor patio on my house.  I actually already have a patio when I...
Doing cabling for the CCTV

Installing a CCTV around my house in Kuching

Installing a CCTV is not difficult. My house now already has an alarm system, but the thought of being able to monitor my place when...