My Want vs Need List

My Want vs Need List is inspired to create this list on 25th December 2016. To read how it happened, go to this blog post.

This is a reminder for my own reference, but if you happen to read this and think I’m awesome, something from this list might just be a great gift ??


  • Money – Building a new house, so I am talking about a lot of money ;P


  • Watch an EPL game in England – Because I’m a football fan bah.
  • A compact car – so that I can easily navigate traffic when I pick my daughter from school. Options now considered here.
  • A scooter – Enjoyed riding it in Thailand, and figured having one would be cool.
  • My own business – Because it has always been my dream
  • A DTG printer (latest model) – So that I can print my own tees with this
  • A 3D Printer (latest model) – I like DIY projects so a 3D Printer will help.
  • A Home Theatre – Coz watching movies on TV with surround sound is more thrilling
  • A DJI droneSaja mauk jadi juruterbang
  • An Apple iMac – Like I said, I can never have enough of computers
  • An aluminium frame Road bike in matte black and red.

Will update this list when I figure more things out, but if you have not noticed, all the stuff here are pretty damn expensive. Tsk tsk….

List updated on 4 Jan 2022