My Want vs Need List

I was inspired to create this list on 25th December 2016. To read how it happened, go to this blog post.

This is a reminder for my own reference, but if you happen to read this and think I’m awesome, something from this list might just be a great gift. ??


  • A Carryboy/Alpha Canopy – My truck needs it’s bedliner covered so that I don’t have to worry about rain.
  • A medical check-up – Age is catching up, and there’s a need to check all those screws and wires to ensure its all fit. 



  • The Mi Mix – The latest smartphone by Xiaomi, having 4GB of RAM, 64GB of space.
  • Samsung A6 10-inch tablet with S-Pen – because I want to play Football Manager Touch, and the stylus makes it possible to actually treat the tablet like a note book.
  • Google Pixel – Another smartphone, this time by Google. Gadgets make me happy =)
  • Watch an EPL game in England – Because I’m a football fan bah.
  • A scooter – Enjoyed riding it in Thailand, and figured having one would be cool.
  • An SUV –  because a man can never have too many cars
  • My own football club – Because there’s nothing like being a football manager in real life
  • Sports Rim for my truck – Pimping my ride never gets boring
  • To own my own online business – Always loved the idea. Not sure when I can make it happen.
  • A 42-inch (or bigger) smart TV – Eye sight is getting worst, so a bigger screen for TV wouldn’t hurt
  • 100Mbps internet – Of course an upgrade from the current speed is always nice
  • Football Manager 2017 – A collectors addiction. No time to play, but yeah…
  • The Malaysian 2017 black kit – i’m a collectors-lah konon
  • A DTG printer – So that I can print my own tees with this
  • A Home Theatre –  Coz watching movies on TV with surround sound is more thrilling

Will update this list when I figure more things out, but if you have not noticed, all the stuff here are pretty damn expensive. Tsk tsk….