Influencers need to pay tax in Malaysia

Do Youtubers, TikTokers, Bloggers or Influencers need to pay tax in Malaysia?

Do influencers need to pay tax in Malaysia? There's an increase of digital content makers in the industry these days and there's questions if they...

How I managed to get back my unpublished Facebook

This post is about how I managed to get my Facebook page published again after it was unpublished by Facebook. Recently, in April 2020, my...

Shopping online tips: How to find the best product

If you are looking into shopping online, finding the best products is always the end goal. Most of the time, shopping online may seem like...

I bought followers for a social media account, and this is what happened

This is really no secret. I don't mind telling people about it because the act to buy social media users was to investigate further...
Patreon main banner

I just joined Patreon because I’m adventurous

Hey there. As the title saya above, I've joined Patreon, a service which allows me to set up a subscriber based service for those of...

Cheap domain name: NameSilo coupon and discounts

If you are looking for a cheap domain name, then I'd highly recommend you go for NameSilo, a domain name seller which offers I...

Turning my attention to KuchingBorneo

I'm not sure if any of you know this, but I have had this blog called 'KuchingBorneo' for like years.  It started off in...
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