Advertising on this blog (this blog) accepts advertising opportunities when provided.

Adverts can appear in the form of banners, paid post and reviews.

Adverts will not impact the post and opinions written in this blog of mine.  I believe that the key reason this blog is highly followed is due to its genuine reviews and opinions.

According to May 2019 statistics, this blog has been visited by 62,210 people.  For the same month, it also has over 143,000 page views.

On social media, this blog is represented by my social media sites which include my twitter, my Youtube Channel and my Facebook page.  These social media sites have been growing.

That said, if you are seeking someone whom will be able to share your product or services to friends, colleagues, and the vast majority online, do not hesitate to contact me here.

All advert post on this blog will be kept at least for 90 days, except for banner advertising which will be removed after the agreed duration.


I also manage and update other blogs which are also opportunities for advertisements. They are:

  • SarawakCrocs – Sarawak’s most followed football blog with 520,000 page views per month. It has over 49,000 Facebook fans, 15,600 twitter fans and 3,000 Instagram followers.
  • KuchingBorneo – A blog focusing on Kuching and it’s happenings and boast of over 270,000 page views per month. Followed by over 14,000 fans on Facebook, 5,600 twitter fans and 7,000 Instagram followers.