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Travel Food Dining is one of the categories under the reviews category in Blog.CyrilDason.com, a blog owned, and updated by Cyril Dason since 2008.

This category is specifically about reviews of eateries, food items and places, which had been experienced by Cyril Dason, the blog owner.

Under this category, reviews on Travel food dining, like travel destinations, hotels, food joints and food items are shared to the blog readers so to keep them updated on experiences that had been gained through experience of the said items and places.

Cyril Dason is a content creator and educator based in Kuching, Sarawak with over 15 years in content creation experience.  His followers come from around the world but are largely concentrated to Malaysia, with most of them residing in both Sabah and Sarawak.  Other than Blog.CyrilDason.com, he owns several niche blogs such as SarawakCrocs.com (Football) and KuchingBorneo.info (Travel). He is also well established on InstagramTwitter and Youtube.

My Hilton Kuching Ramadan buffet review

After two years absent from the Ramadan fanfare, the Hilton Kuching Ramadan buffet is back with the theme 'Jelajah Selera Bersama Hilton Feast'. The place:...

Ken’s Kitchen Kuching review

On my wife's birthday, I decided to bring her to a local fine dining restaurant, and here's my Ken's Kitchen Kuching review after I...

Al Dante Kuching review

It was my eight marriage anniversary so I decided to bring the family to Al Dante Kuching, which was an Italian restaurant in Saradise...
Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet

Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet 2019 at Grand Margherita Hotel

The Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet 2019 at Grand Margherita is one of the most popular in Kuching City. Thanks to the amazing people at Grand...

Travelling to Thailand: Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin review

When my wife suggested a trip to the Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin, I was skeptical because I'd likely not enjoy the rides...

Travelling to Thailand: The Lapa Hotel Hua Hin review

The Lapa Hotel Hua Hin is a boutique hotel located at the fringes of central Hua Hin. It isn't a massive hotel but that's part...

Fine Dining in Kuching: Suasana on 18

Fine dining in Kuching doesn't get any more spectacular than the one I had at Suasana on 18 a couple of weeks ago. The venue,...
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