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Sukan Sekolah 2022: Agi BIRU!

After a two year hiatus, we finally had our school sports day, or Sukan Sekolah 2022 since it's for the year 2022. Since it was...

14th year in Education

It's my 14th year in education, and this is my 14th teacher's day. Like last year, this year's teacher's day lacks the usual huu-haaa because...
13th Teacher's Day

13th Teacher’s Day : Home-schooled

Right. This is my 13th Teacher's Day, which means I've been a professional teacher for 13 years! Time really flies. It feel like it was...
UNGU 2020

UNGU 2020 came in third, but I am not dissapointed

The 2020 SMK Matang Jaya Sports Day ended today and well, my sports house, UNGU 2020, failed to retain our overall titles. If you hadn't...

12th Teacher’s Day: Back to square one

It's my 12th teacher's day which means it's been 12 years since I joined the force and it the feeling this time around has...

UNGU 2019, SMK Matang Jaya Sports Day Champs

UNGU 2019 was just crowned as champions of the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Matang Jaya Sports day that just ended a couple of days ago. Indeed,...

Teacher’s Day: Hari Guru kesebelas

Hari Guru kesebelas is about today, which is my 11th Teacher's day I am celebrating as a teacher. Time really flies because I can still...
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