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Personal life is a prime category in Blog.CyrilDason.com, a blog owned, and updated by Cyril Dason since 2008.

This category is specifically about updates of the personal life of the blog owner, Cyril Dason.

Under this prime category, updates on his life will be shared to the blog readers so to keep them updated on the happenings in his humble life.

Cyril Dason is a content creator and educator based in Kuching, Sarawak with over 15 years in content creation experience.  His followers come from around the world but are largely concentrated to Malaysia, with most of them residing in both Sabah and Sarawak.  Other than Blog.CyrilDason.com, he owns several niche blogs such as SarawakCrocs.com (Football) and KuchingBorneo.info (Travel). He is also well established on InstagramTwitter and Youtube.

14th year in Education

It's my 14th year in education, and this is my 14th teacher's day. Like last year, this year's teacher's day lacks the usual huu-haaa because...

This is one of my biggest regrets in life

I don't often publicly tell what's one of my biggest regrets in life, but I am doing so here now because I think this...

I won a JBL CLIP4 Bluetooth speaker!

Lady luck shined on me in March as I nabbed the JBL CLIP4 in yet another prize during a product launch. This time, it was...

I won a DJI OM4 from Vivo!

Last week, I won a DJI OM4 from Vivo. Yes. I snatched the RM599 gimbal to come in second place in a contest I didn't...
Crash Landing on You

5 things to do at home during quarantine / MCO

Here's five things to do at home during quarantine or the Movement Control Order (MCO). As you may have realized by now, staying at home...

I am now using an iPhone

It has been ages since I properly updated this blog of mine, but here I am now telling you that I am using an...

The birthday post – 38

Since the new year didn't start on the best of note (my sister in law passed away), I guess I am just thankful to...
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