Amazfit BIP – A smart watch with 30 days battery life


The Amazfit BIP is lesser known if compared to other major smartwatches out there like the ones produced by Samsung or even Fitbit.

However, the Amazfit BIP is actually linked to Chinese brand Xiaomi.  Xiaomi or Mi, is known for cheap and quality products and the BIP is no different.

That said, the BIP is one of the medium range smartwatches that Amazfit produces with tonnes of functions.


The BIP comes with plenty of functions, but I only use a few when I am using this smartwatch.

If you need a reason to buy the BIP, I’ve listed them below this photo.

Amazfit BIP

Battery Life

The main reason I bought the BIP was due to it’s battery length.  It can stand up to 30 days with regular use and up to 45 days with minimal notifications.  This is way above other smartwatches which only last for a couple of weeks.


Even if there are smartwatches that can last up to 30 days, be prepared to pay premium prices for it. At just RM238, or USD64, the BIP is quite a bargain.


The BIP is lightweight at only 1.1 ounces (31 grams) in total weight.  However, its size, despite average, makes it noticeable.


This might not be exclusive to the BIP, but for the price, you can track your runs, cycling and more with mapped routes, detailed stats and heart rate zones.


Yes, the BIP doesn’t really look as nice as the Samsung Smartwatch, but you can style how the watch looks physically by changing the strap and case of the watch.  The accessories aren’t also expensive.

Mi Fit App

Being able to use the Mi Fit App is a great plus for me. The Mi Fit app is probably one of the most complete fitness apps out there, so it just makes sense that you should use it.  I particularly love how accurate the sleep monitor is.

Amazfit BIP

The rest of the key functions include:

  • Notifications: Receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, and other apps on the color touch display.
  • Latest technology: GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, barometer and compass.
  • Always-on display: the reflective color touch screen is always on and provides at-a-glance view for time, date, steps, weather, sports stats etc.
  • IP68: The watch is IP68 rated which means its scratch, dust and splash proof.
  • 128 inch display: Always-on reflective 1.28 inch color touch display
  • 2.5D Corning gorilla: The watch uses the 2.5D Corning gorilla glass generation 3 + AF coating
  • Heart rate sensor: There’s an optical heart rate sensor for heart rate zones
  • Compass: Also included is a Geomagnetic sensor making it able to be a compass
  • Air Pressure: There’s also an air pressure sensor (barometer) for elevation
  • Route tracking: Amazfit BIP has a GPS + GLONASS for route tracking
Amazfit BIP


The biggest disadvantages of the BIP is that it doesn’t have many time faces.  This limits how the BIP would look.

The digital display also looks rather dull.  This is due to the display screen used which isn’t OLED or AMOLED which are used in more expensive smartwatches.  The lack in colour depth for the display allows the longer life of the battery.

Another thing I didn’t like is how you need to wear the watch tight. I like my watch loose so that I can wipe my wrist dry after a bath.  Now I have to take it off because I wear the BIP fitted on my wrist. The strap is rather short and the only way to solve this is to buy a new strap.


Of course if you are looking to buy the Amazfit BIP, you’d want it at the cheapest rates.  For this I’ve listed where you can get the fitness watch at its cheapest.

For international readers, the BIP is lowest at GearBest at just USD63.

Malaysian get to buy the watch for RM238 at Lazada Malaysia with tonnes of freebies.

I found the accessories for the Amazfit BIP like magnetic straps, coloured sides and so on to be also pretty cheap on both GearBest and LAZADA. Do check them out as well if you want to customize your BIP.


There’s really nothing much to complain about the AmazFit BIP.  It’s cheap, functional and the battery last at least 30 days on a single charge. Sure it doesn’t look great, but the pricing is just right to make it highly recommended.


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