Relocating, cleaning and installing an old aircond unit

A few months ago, my wife asked me to do the relocating, which involves uninstalling, cleaning and installing of our old aircond unit to the new house in the village.

The new village house isn’t fully ready but the inside is almost there and it is livable.

Also, I am going to do more post on projects I do myself here (in this bloG), which will be under the category DIY Projects (new category).

Why relocate it myself

Anyway to cut a long story short, I told her I will relocate it myself because there was only one unit of aircond, and most aircond technicians would not want to travel to the village just to do a single unit.

This is because the time to do such relocation is a lot, but the pay of doing such relocation isn’t as much.

I also wanted to try doing everything myself because I like the challenge.

The challenge

Prior to the installation, I already knew the challenges ahead especially since I will be doing everything myself.

The biggest challenge is to carry the outdoor unit which is not only heavy, but bulky. Getting it nicely fited on the bracket would not be easy, and going up and down stairs without anyone holding it is also dangerous.

Other challenges include leaks which will not be easy to deal with especially if the aircond is already in place.

Tools I used

If you are curious about the tools I needed, here’s a list of the items I used. You can click on the link to buy them.

Video of moving my AC unit

Anyway, I was determined to do it myself and the video of the whole process can be seen below.

What you didn’t see in the video

From the video it seems everything went by fine but here’s what was’t captured.

  • The outdoor unit is heavier than expected. Taking it down was easy but putting it up wasn’t. It took me three tries.
  • I fell from the ladder while doing the outdoor installation. Hurt my back and palm slightly.
  • There was a water leak after I completed the installation. I managed to fix it nonetheless.


To be honest, the whole installing old aircond process was not easy. Removing the aricond was easy. Cleaning it was easy.

I spent a good 4 hours doing all of it (including a long lunch break) and it was really tiring. Dealing with the leak was not fun.

I also really struggled putting the outdoor unit in its place and was very tired at the end. Putting in the anchor screw was also not as easy as it seems.

That said, even though I successfully uninstalled, cleaned and installed the old aircond, I do not recommend inexperience people doing this and I think this is the first and last time I’d relocate an aircond, unless there is help.

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