JVC HA-SR185-A Stereo Headphones 

JVC HA-SR185-A Stereo Headphones

The JVC HA-SR185-A Stereo Headphones is actually smaller than how it looks on photos.  It is an on ear headphone which means it sits on the ear when used.

It comes in in four colours namely black, white, blue and red (which looks a lot like pink).

The headphones isn’t the cheapest by JVC, but compared with up-coming computer brands, it can be deemed as being on the more expensive side.  However, bear in mind, these are JVC headphones and JVC needs little introduction when it comes to the audio industry.


Just in case you are one of those tech type of person, the specifications of the basic JVC stereo headphones are as follows:

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 22,000Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Weight (without cord): 108g

The specs sheet is basic, but that’s what’s written on the box. I can’t elaborate more since I am not exactly well versed in audio devices like headphone.

Fact is, I can’t really tell if a sound is really sharp with neat pitches and I focus more on the bass when it comes to sound.

If the song I like sounds right when using the headphones, then the sound quality is probably good, at least to me.


That said, my first impression of the headphones weren’t great.

While it looks great in photos, the real thing looks cheap and fragile.  As a matter of fact, the headband seems to be made of cheap plastic which could snap anytime.

The ear cup could twist in for easy storage, but doing so revealed rough edges from the plastic used.

JVC HA-SR185-A Stereo Headphones 

The build quality of the joints connecting the ear cup and the headband makes me question the durability of these headphones, and I won’t be surprised if I accidentally break them while using them in the future.

Another thing I disliked was the cable.  However, having a cable is a choice because I disliked charging my headphones.  That said, if you aren’t big on cables, this headphone is definitely not for you.

Speaking of cables, the cables are slightly on the hard side, and feels rather cheap as well.


Design aside, JVC’s expertise in producing amazing audio is reflected in this stereo headphones.

Personally, the bass in the headphones was adequate, and noise from surroundings aren’t obvious when wearing the headphones.  This comes despite the fact that the headphones do not come with noise cancelling technology.

In a nutshell, I love the quality of sound produced by the headphones.

JVC HA-SR185-A Stereo Headphones 

The audio receiver (mic) was also clear.  I made a few calls using the headphones and my voice was clear.

I also could hear the caller clearly on my end.

The headphones are also comfortable to wear and I like the fact that it’s also lightweight at just 108g.


I think if you aren’t too concerned about looks and build quality, these JVC stereo headphones would really be great.

It does the job to provide quality sound, and works well as a mouth-piece (microphone) if you need to do a video/conference call, and look all ‘hip’.

That said, if you aren’t looking to break the bank but want something branded (like JVC), I would recommend this headphones although I must forewarn you that it does still cost about RM129.


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