My MacBook Air review: What I like & what I dislike


I now have my 1st Apple laptop and this is my MacBook Air review.

I opted for the MacBook Air M1 after watching a few reviews online & listening to recommendations from friends.

Price also played a huge role as it was within my budget and most of the reviews and recommendations suggested I do away with any upgrade on the MacBook Air since its already powerful enough as it is in its basic form.

I actually wanted to get the new MacBook Air M2, but as you all know, Apple increased the pricing for their new MacBooks and I just so happened to realise that someone was selling a pre-loved MacBook with a full ten months warranty intact, for just RM3,200.

This meant I would be saving almost RM1,200 from the retail pricing and had the Apple Care warranty to ensure the pre-loved MacBook I was buying was in good condition.


In case you are wondering, the MacBook I bought had the following specifications:

To be honest, it’s hard to compare the MacBook Air to normal Windows laptop, and it would be unfair to do so as well.

The MacBook and iOS are built for each other where as Windows, unless you are using the Surface laptops by Microsoft, are built to cater a wide range of brands and products.  That alone is the reason why Windows laptops aren’t as efficient and well built or synced if compared to the iOS and their Macs.

What I liked

There’s plenty to like about this laptop and in this MacBook Air review, I will tell you what really made me love this MacBook Air, which I am using to type this blog post.

Battery life

The biggest selling point of the MacBook Air is probably the battery life. I bought the MacBook Air on 25th June 2022, and I had it fully charged upon reaching home.

Between that day and the day this blog post is published, I used the MacBook Air to do some typing, internet surfing and app installing.

Well, it’s been two week now, and my battery is still at 50 percent! Call me a cheat, but it’s real! On top of that, I don’t even need to shut down the MacBook to have it save power. Cool!

Weight and size

The MacBook Air M1 is perfect in size and weight at just 30cm x 21cm and 1.29kg respectively.

This makes it small enough to fit a lot of bags and sleeves, and light enough to carry around without much worry. Since the battery last long, the power adapter can be left at home, hence ensuring I can travel lightweight when I know I am not travelling too far or for long hours.

Keyboard and trackpad

The Magic Keyboard is perfectly shaped and spaced and I like how responsive it is. It can’t beat my mechanical keyboard, but it’s still great to use.

The trackpad is equally interesting to use. So far, I am impressed by its sensitivity and how it can do so much with just my fingers.  To be honest, my previous ASUS S510U also had such gestures but they didn’t work as well.

Integration with iPhone

As part of Apple, the MacBook Air works just so seamlessly with the iPhone, which is one of the devices in its ecosystem.

I’ll be honest to say that I’ve never experienced such incredible syncing between devices to date and moving from one device to another to continue my work is so easy now.

When I am in a public space, my MacBook Air automatically detects the hotspot from my iPhone, and ask if I want to turn it on and use it. Pretty convenient.


Despite its small size, the MacBook Air is loud. The speakers are clear and crisp and it’s easy to enjoy music or movies with the laptop.

Touch ID

The Touch ID, also known as the fingerprint scanner is very sensitive and speedy. A simple touch makes it possible to access apps and documents which are protected.

Unlike some laptops I know, I need not press on the fingerprint scanner to activate Touch ID.  A light touch will do.

It can last

Perhaps this is something I am saying way too soon, but I have met a lot of people who claim that they have not changed their MacBook for years. Some said they had used theirs for eight years and only did so to increase their storage space. That’s quite a statement!

What I didn’t like

There’s several things I didn’t like with the MacBook Air which I should mention in this MacBook Air review of mine.


Let’s be honest, no one likes the pricing of any apple products in Malaysia. While the MacBook Air I got was rather affordable, being able to only afford the ‘lowest end’ MacBook in the whole MacBook line-up does speak a lot about the pricing of the MacBook Air.

Not upgradable

Most laptops can be upgraded, particularly it’s storage space and RAM.  This is not the case for the MacBook Air which I was told, from countless reviews, is rather fixed.’

You get to customise the laptop upon purchase, but once that’s done, you can’t upgrade it anymore.  I was told that sending it to local official dealers will also not help and would likely cost a bomb if you wanted to upgrade the RAM or storage space.


The 720 HD camera is fine by me because it’s only for video calls and I don’t really see the need to make my face any clearer. However, if you are one of those really keen on having top notch camera systems, the MacBook Air M1 camera is not for you.

No Gaming

The MacBook Air could be used for gaming, but it’s more of a business laptop which you use for work.  Regardless, I do think it can’t cater for heavy games and therefore should not be used for such applications.

Only two ports?

I don’t get why Apple equipped the MacBook Air with just two ports. If you need more, or need to connect your laptop to other devices particularly display devices, you need to get an adapter.

Conclusion: Do I regret the switch?

Before I cap off this MacBook Air review, you must wonder if I regret buying the MacBook Air?

As of now, I have no regrets. As age catches up, and as I feel even more reluctant to bring heavy items when I am on the move, the MacBook Air is perfect.

Yes, I can’t upgrade it if I run out of storage, and it would mean I can’t play heavy games when I am on the move, but considering the convenience, it just makes sense to have one.

On top of that, I am not looking to buy a new laptop in the next five years, so I think the MacBook is perfect.

Where to buy

The MacBookAir retail price starts from RM4,399 but if you are keen to get a MacBook Air at competitive and sometimes cheaper rates, get if from the Apple authorised dealers below.

Else, you can always go to the official Apple store but expect to pay normal prices for any Apple products you buy.

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