The four dots

Okay. I’ve been thinking hard to produce a post and I am now resigned to this. It’s not only lame, uncreative, but also rather obnoxious (at least to me). However, I am desperate to fill this blog with something, anything, or whatever thing that crosses my mind, and so.. here goes.

You see the map below?

Map of tourist spots
The four green dots

It has four dots. Those dots signify about RM600 worth of airline tickets already purchased to visit each of those places in the coming future. It will be only my second trip outside of Malaysia, wait… make that the third, and I’m feeling very excited.

The plan would be to skip main cities, and bask in the glorious beauty of nature and water, while using major cities only as a transit point. Through the trip, I’d be passing KL three times, and money is indeed wasted by moving through KL. However, with no direct flights (or rather not many), I’m left with no option.

Probably some of yo u are thinking RM600 for airline tickets is a little steep, with some saying there’s always the RM0 rates by AirAsia.

However, such rates do not come by easy, and my job in particular does not allow me to enjoy such rates, well most of the time. To be frank with you, all the rates were obtained with great patience with the last connecting flight (Phuket – KL) obtained just today, after days and days of checking the AirAsia site for a low fare rate. Oh, the rates are all-inclusive.

Anyway, for those of you still wondering how much are the tickets, put it this way…


So yeah…. holiday looms after one of the most hectic years I’ve ever experience by far. It would be LEGEND..wait for it.. DARY!!

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