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Travelling to Bali – Bali Zoo

We decided to go to the Bali Zoo on the 19th of December.

This was because Yeyen wanted to view the Komodo Dragon which, one could only see selected places around the world.

Bali Zoo was one of the places the Komodo dragons was a guaranteed to be sighted.


With that said, we booked a ride the next day for a trip to the Bali Zoo with the hotel.

If I planned the trip earlier, I’d use KLOOK because they have better Bali Zoo trip rates. The rates starts at RM34 onwards, depending on what package chosen.  Below are some Bali trips on KLOOK I would recommend:

Anyway, since we weren’t using KLOOK, everything was ala carte (thanks to the last minute decision to visit the zoo), we paid so much more than the packages offered.

Our driver charged us IDR600K for a whole day ride, and the rates of the zoo were IDR355,500 (RM105) each.

There was an offer to ride the elephants priced at IDR1,399,500, but I declined the offer since it wasn’t in my plan.


With the tickets in hand, we moved to the Bali Zoo entrance.

We had our tickets checked, and slowly made our way to the entrance.

The sight of animals freely roaming nearby the entrance made my little girl excited.


At the entrance of the Bali Zoo were numerous types of animals roaming free. It was interesting because these animals of all kinds were tame with guest allowed to feed them by purchasing greens from a nearby feeding station.

As we moved on, there were more animals to be seen which include numerous types of crocodiles and alligators, Dusky Pademelons, various type of monkeys and apes, ducks, and so on.

There were so many that I don’t recall their names. I do remember seeing familiar animals like wild boar, meerkat, plenty of birds, a Yellow Crested Cockatoo and a couple of iguanas.

Bali Zoo

To have a better idea of what I saw, I had recorded most of the animals I saw at the Bali Zoo in the video below.

In the video you can also see that there were bears, elephants and lions.

It is important to note the larger animals, like the bears, orang utans, elephants and tigers are located in another part of the zoo.

There was also a small water park called the Jungle Splash Waterplay if you wanted to get wet.  The zoo is massive to be honest!


As I mentioned above, I had declined the tickets which included an elephant ride at the entrance.

Bali Zoo

However, upon seeing the elephants, my little girl wanted a ride.

Since its a zoo, I thought there would be no harm getting on the ride.

However, when paying, I realized that the ride for two adults and one child actually cost over RM700!

Bali Zoo

The ride itself wasn’t great, and it was bumpy.  At times, I found myself bored over the 30 minute ride.

That said, that was the last time I’d be paying for an elephant ride, but the joy of my girl being able to go on the ride is priceless.


Well, if you are planning to go to Bali Zoo, there’s several things you should note.

First of all, the zoo is not within Kuta, and is closer to Ubud.  That means hiring a ride is important if you want to go to the zoo.

Secondly, there’s a lot to see at the zoo, so a whole full day may be required when visiting the zoo.

Bali Zoo

Thirdly, bring enough petty cash if you are keen to feed the animals.

Last but not least, wear sun block, probably a hat too, and do not forget to stay hydrated.


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