What Do You Do In Kuching?


I met a friend in KL last weekend for dinner, and he brought me to a place which had the probably had the largest Carbonara I’ve ever seen in my life!!

More shocking, it only cost RM15 and was very tasty! There was also this one dish which had cheese inside it that melted perfectly upon reaching your tongue, and hence making the dish fantastic (and this is coming from a person who practically snubs cheese cakes).

He was telling me about what was going on in KL, and how Kuching didn’t make a good first impression on his first visit.

I told him that he needs to know where to go to enjoy the best of Kuching because the best laksa Sarawak is somewhat only accessible by car and mostly found in hidden spots, while the non-halal fabulous food in Kuching is indeed a long list only local could tell.  Well, I also assured him that I’ll bring him to some spots when he does return.

Well, my friend then asked me about what do we local (Kuchinginites) do in mentioned that KL was filled with theaters, shopping malls, theme parks, nature parks, places to go and visit etc, but he wondered what do the locals in Kuching do.

That question struck me because I had no idea myself.  Don’t get me wrong, Kuching is where my heart is, but what makes Kuching folks tick?  The best answer I could give him was that we eat and to hang out a lot, but that’s about it.

Living in the city seems the same with any other city, unless you really start to think about it.  I can safely say that mu life in Kuching revolves a lot on food. I go to Bishopgate for my favorite mix pork soup, I head on to Golden Arch for my Laksa Sarawak and pork curry rice, Open Air for my plate of Sotong Kangkung, 3rd Mile End Shop for my Kueh Chap and Swee Kang for my Kacang Cendol.

Those are also the spots I hang out with friends.  Other than that, it’s the usual movies, and strolling down the Kuching Waterfront.

So really… as a local, what do you do in Kuching?  Care to share, or do you find it a difficult question to answer as well?


  1. Gosh, I nver realised that (from the discussions here) many kuchingnites felt the same way I do! Very true that we’re so homely and then again we arent any tourist consistently on the hunt so we have our regulars with frens and family. Seen from this point doesnt seem so bad after all because we DO have a life!

  2. Kuching is for sure my heaven of food. If I want cheap but damn delicious ones, kopitiams are plenty. I know club scene here is not always the best, but i like how to chill in a club in a relax way and just enjoy the crowd without being part of them. yeah, i know, i’m boring when it comes to club but hey, i just like it to sit back relax and observe. Holler to fellow Kuchingites!

  3. The list of things I used to do in Kch..
    – Yamcha
    – Cybercafe
    – Drive up to Damai for some Sea Breeze (when the fuel was still cheap)
    – More Yamcha XD

    but nowadays, whenever I’m back, I will go for a local food hunt with my friends 😀

  4. I went back to Malaysia to visit my parents family – Kuching, my mums side, is always my favourite coz its more homely, and u dress more simple, eat outside more, pace of life is relaxed and slower and we always head up to the kampung near Bau on the weekends. Hanging with cousins was always more fun and relaxed. And road trips to places were close by like Santubong, Lundu, Wildlife parks, Matang, Croc farm etc… just suited my pace more.
    KL was all about shopping malls, tolls, traffic jams and driving really really fast! Yes there were theme parks, glitz & glamour and its more advanced and modern but too fast paced for me. Clubbing and parties were the go there, whereas Kuching was about relaxed family & friends get togethers over a BBQ dinner in the kampung! Very different cities but clearly my favourite is KUCHING!! I love it there!

  5. after nearly then 10 years staying in KL,I returned to Kuching for good and boy, I was dumbfounded after few weekends..I don’t know what to do.No mega bookstores to hang around, no theme park or etc.Nowdays its all about food.No wonder my waistline is getting bigger.. 😛

  6. That’s kinda easy to answer becoz we actually live in Kuching, not tourists or distant traveller where you constantly need to find something to do to fill your time. On a normal day we work, and sometimes finish off work late, so where did the time go to actually even contemplating hanging out when you’re mentally exhausted, right? You’d be really looking forward to have dinner and relax at home, or if you’re a night person, you’d probably hang out a bit longer outside. Weekends, now that’s another story. Some people balik kpg to be with families etc, like me, and some spend it with their partners at movies, look for food, hike, etc. We have shopping complexes that cant possibly compare to KL but we make do. And since you asked, I always wondered how time flies becoz when people ask me where I hang out in Kuching… i keep answering ‘just home relaxing’. Clearly I’d make a horrible tourist guide.

    • LOL.. and we make the same horrible tourist guide coz I also have no idea where to start. All i know is that when you come to Kuching, you must try laksa, bishopgate and mee kolok.. and oh.. the glorious Midin blacan… after that? rest and chill at home. i’m purely a home person.

  7. you were right about the food.. It’s definitely taste yummier than foods in KL, don’t get me wrong, KL peeps, there’s a variety of KL food that I’ll miss whenever I am at my hometown( Kuching)..
    I myself do not know what’s the real attraction in Kuching, but at least the traffic jam in Kch is bearable, compared to KL…and food(still about food! hahah) is still way cheaper than KL…And here, I can always do a real road trip with jalan2 kampung… no highways, no tolls…

    Kuching, I have a kampung I can always balik to panjat pokok or main at the kolam ikan.. here in KL? dah pencen dari clubbing also..every weekend is the same ol thing..

      • I wish I could say ” yerp! ada Jon jr. dah”.. tapi belum ada rezeki, ngeng…. huhu..

        neway, we’re focusing on getting our own place in few months time…you are soooo welcome to stay with us whenever you drop down in Sgor..
        sangat dekat with KSKB.. ehhe

  8. I am not sure if u were born when i used to lepak in Kuching. Elektra House was the in-place so was the Sunday market. For entertainment we used to stroll around the park near the museum n dating oways revolved around the museum etc as theose places were free n air con. The park was oso free. We had no fear of crime in the park those days.

  9. oh my, reading you mentioned the mix pork soup at Bishopgate makes me salivating. A friend brought me there once and i was so sure i would miss that food. Of course I do!

  10. We spend time with our family, back kampung, lepak at our parents place,me chatting with my sisters, while my hubby lepak with the ‘in-laws’ outside the house dong some BBQ while enjoying their drinks (whatever it was). Those are the things that we always look forward to.

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