What to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. It charms with marvelous sunsets, old town architecture and picturesque historical homes. It is famous for a variety of handmade clothing from custom-made suits to leather boots. However, Hoi An is not a city for shopping but for relaxing. So, when planning your vacation, choose one of the cheap first class flights to Da Nang (31 minutes from Hoi An), pack your belongings and discover the magnificent traditions of the ancient Vietnamese city.

Quan Cong Temple

If you like ancient architecture, this place is for you. The Temple of Quan Cong was erected in the beginning of the 17th century. The temple was dedicated to the Chin Dynasty. Currently, the temple is the tourists’ key spot in Hoi An. Two enormous wooden statues are inside the temple. One depicts Chau Xuong, the protector of Quan Cong, and the second – Quan Cong.

Japanese Covered Bridge

It is another advised place to visit. It is supposed that the Japanese community of Hoi An has built this bridge in the end of 16th century. The name of the bridge means “Pagoda in Japan” in Vietnamese. Have stroll across the bridge and enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding area.

My Son

This interesting name means “beautiful mountain”. Once, this place was an intellectual and religious center of Vietnam. My Son played a special and important role in the times of the ancient Kingdom of Champa, Unfortunately, the sanctuary of My Son is in ruined state, nevertheless, it is worth seeing. By the way, UNESCO admitted the sanctuary as a World Heritage Site in 2000.

Old Houses

You should definitely visit some old houses in Hoi An. The most popular ones are the Duc An and Tan Ky homes. Visiting these homes will move you to the times of pre-colonial and colonial periods, and you will have an opportunity to watch the life of wealthy merchants and simple locals. The interior of old houses are like the real museums. You will not regret.

Museum of Folk Culture

Unlike the old houses, this is a true museum, which discloses the traditions and lifestyle of rural Vietnamese culture. Among the museum exhibits, the plaster statues of figures in costume are the most strange and therefore attracting items. If you are interested in the real life of Vietnamese, it is a must-to-visit place.

Boat along the river

When you are tired of rambling across the museums and streets, it is recommended to look at Hoi An from other side, namely, to get on a boat and enjoy the water ride. You will find the boats on the Bach Dang Street. Frankly speaking, the city from such a perspective looks a bit different. Therefore, it is even more exciting.

Marble Mountains

This place is located not in the city itself but 20km northwards of Hoi An. The Marble Mountains are represented with five mountains with picturesque views. Here you will not find any special buildings or erections, except for many pagodas, some of which were used as a base for Viet Cong fighters in the war times. However, this place is great to have a rest from noise and to plunge into the nature.

Full Moon Festival

Each 14th day of the lunar cycle, the citizens and guests of Hoi An can experience the Full Moon Festival. For this reason it is recommended to visit the city that same day. You won’t see any traffic on the streets, and the entire city is decorated with the multicolor lanterns. Everyone is dancing, singing and playing! It is a great time to entertain yourself and enjoy the local holiday accompanied with folk music and meals.

Cham Island

21 km from Hoi An, the Cham Island is located in the South China Sea. It is a popular place among tourists due to diving opportunities. You may take a day trip to the island and enjoy the activities all the way.

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