14th year in Education


It’s my 14th year in education, and this is my 14th teacher’s day.

Like last year, this year’s teacher’s day lacks the usual huu-haaa because students are getting their lessons from home, and the Covid-19 pandemic is still forcing schools to be closed.

Thanks to the pandemic and the fact I need to teach at home more, I’ve decided to reinforce my home teaching material by creating more videos related to my classes and putting them up on my YouTube channel.

Anyway, I decided to move my education blog here, while closing down chegu.cyrildason.com. I did this because I felt it was too taxing to update two different blogs.

Also, this blog was losing traffic due to the lack of updates, so I figured I really need to ramp up updates here.

Anyway, thanks also to the pandemic, my 14th year as a teacher will see me taking in more hours in classes as there’s a shortage of teachers.

There’s also more courses and probably more things to do this time around.

A few good colleagues at work (Cikgu Suhaimi and Cikgu Rabunah) left to new stations, while motivation to work as a teacher returned back to me somewhere in June 2020 last year as the person who demotivated me to work also got transferred after that. (yay!)

My boss, Cikgu Anita, a person I respect a lot, was unfortunately transferred to a new station in February 2021, and a few good colleagues, Cikgu Zaimah, Cikgu Haider and Cikgu Ahmad Daud, also called it a day from the service.

It does feel rather weird to see colleagues that you have worked so long now not around.

Regardless, work continues as it is and I do foresee this year to be challenging as the education system continues to deal with the pandemic.

Well, I don’t want to type too much here as I’ve a lot of work to do.

That said, I am hoping this pandemic will soon be over and that things can get back to normal soon.

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