2008 Merdeka: Ordinary & Simple

10:45pm – 1st September has been announced as the 1st day of Ramadhan, so to all my Muslim friends and foes(if there is any out there)… Happy Fasting..  Keep it strong, keep it real!!

As usual, my school had their Ambang Kemerdekaan this year.  Nothing really significant to note out of the celebration.  It was the usual march pass, assembly, speeches..and yada yada yada… *YAWN*

But, there was one things which really stood up for me.  It was none other the video competition which I was incharged of.  I managed to get Sting and co. to produce a video at the very last minute, and I have to say that the video was a blast!!!  I am, by any circumstances very grateful and not mentioning satisfied with the final outcome… and judging from the response received during the special merdeka assembly, the other students and teachers liked the video too.

It actually amazed me how these students of mine can actually come up with such a video, as I just told them…”Guys, produce a video, related to Merdeka and make it different.  I don’t care how the video is, but make it enjoyable, and captive. The important thing in your video is that there is a little element of the independence day, but I must stress that I want it to be non-controversial and enjoyable.  Do what it takes to make it something special”, and enjoy making the video.  The whole things is about creating awareness, no matter how small your massage, it is there…”

and well.. they delivered!!  Guys, you are the best, and I’d really like to mention to Sting, Zulhilmi, Awg Shahrul, Mahfuz, Haniff, Russel, Amirul, Shahreen, Amirul, Ali, Joseph, Galvin and Alexon… THANK YOU!!

I admit, the video is the best I have ever seen done by a student under my guidance, and I did near to nothing for the video.  The only thing I did is some touch-ups, which was actually very very minimal.

Anyway, this year’s merdeka is very low keyed. I had plans to go to Magenta that night, but signs since last week saw it falter.  To top things up, I stayed at home, feeling bored.  It was yet another boring merdeka night, in which I could actually remember better ones in the past.  The feeling of missing someone so bad also creeps in, and well….. I dozed off at around 1 without not much of a Merdeka spirit in my mind and heart.

I guess, part of my merdeka spirit has gone due to the huge political uncertainty in Malaysia, the spiraling price of things, and the fact that there has been so many bad and unwanted events in August.

So, my merdeka wish for this year is for prosperity, harmony and stability for my country and its people.  I hope to see less people of other religion hurl at each other, and I’d really like to see more people try to respect one another despite their differences.

HAPPY MERDEKA MALAYSIA… and to all Malaysians too.

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