21 Things You Didn’t Know About Guys


I know it’s lame when I stumble upon something interesting in the internet, and start sharing it with all readers of my blog.  I know its really not original, and cool, but yet… here I am posting these “21 things you didn’t know about a guy” on the first day of fasting.

I found the facts in this 21 point undeniable at some point, and I thought it might help some of you understand guys better.  Nonetheless, I do want to hear what you have to say about this 21 point, as everyone has their own opinion.  so lets hear the 21 points!!

Something I found over the net. I wonder if its true… but being a guy, I guess it is true enough!!
Read it out, and tell me what you think.

1) Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about….

2) Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it’ll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try.

3) Guys go crazy over a girl’s smile:)

4) A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.

5) Giving a guy a hanging message like “You know what?..uh…nevermind..” would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he’ll assume he did something wrong and he’ll obsess about it trying to figure it out.

6) If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don’t need to give advice.

7) A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.

8 ) Guys love you more than you love them!!

9) Guys use words like hot or cute to describe girls. They rarely use beautiful or gorgeous. If a guy uses that, he loves you or likes you a whole heck of a lot.

10)If the guy does something stupid in front of the girl, he will think about it for the next couple days or until the next time he spends time with the girl.

11)If a guy looks unusually calm and laid back, he’s probably faking it and he is really thinking about something

12) When a guy says he is going crazy about the girl, he really is Guys rarely say that

13)When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he’s just actually saying, “Please come and listen to me”

14)If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him. It doesn’t happen that often, so when it does, you know something’s up.

15) When a guy looks at you for longer than a second, he’s definitely thinking

16) Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions and are MAD confusing but somehow are drawn even more to them

17)A guy would give the world to be able to read a girl’s mind for a day.

18)No guy can handle all his problems on his own. He’s just too stubborn to admit it

19)NOT ALL GUYS ARE RUDE!!! Just because ONE is RUDE doesn’t mean he represents ALL of them

20)When a guy Sacrifices his sleep and health just to talk to you, he really likes you and wants to be with you as much as possible

21)Even if you dump a guy months ago and he loved you he probably still does and if he had one wish it would be you to come back into his life

I am sure after you have read the above points, you just have to wonder whether there is some truth in it.  I don’t want to be judgmental, but I think you guys can decide for yourself, and do tell me what you think.

Nonetheless, as all of you know, its puasa today.  And I’d be looking forward to the pasar Ramadhan as usual.  A place where I join in for the shopping of food, but actually not the fasting 😛  After all, we are all Malaysian, and it doesn’t really matter what’s going on, we’d join in the celebrations without actually looking at the colour of skin, and religion.

I wish the first day of Ramadhan was on Tuesday as I’d love to have another extra holiday, but well… I guess I just have to be happy with a one day holiday.

Well, for this puasa, I pledge to lessen my spending on Pasar Ramadhans, and I think it would be kind of easy for me to achieve that since Pasar Ramadhans in Kuching especially in Matang ain’t that happening and good if compared to the ones in the Peninsular.

Anyway, to all my Muslim readers, friends, and foes(shall there be any)….. I would like to wish you Happy Fasting….


  1. Free
    >>> I’ve linked you up man, and well.. really hate it when we are left hanging huh?? But girls don’t understand what we feel, and love leaving us guessing for bad stuff we didn’t have before. If only they’d just tell the truth.

    >>> hahahaha…okay Desmond. I get what you mean. but please..SSssshhhh!!!!

  2. Psst…. good thing with this post as it will distract the gals to look at this 21 things that they don’t know about guys while we do the 21 things they SHOULD NOT know 🙂 muahaha

  3. #5, #16 = truth. I hate it when my girl leaves me hanging. All these thoughts start popping up in my head. Damn annoying. Anyway dude, I’ve migrated to a new blog, so do update the link 🙂

  4. Blue
    >>> I have to second your opinion 😛

    >>> Yes, I agree with you on #6. Sometimes, we need someone to talk to, but we already know what to do. We don’t need someone to give us advice..heheh… and as for #16..hehe, I still think girls are more complicated than guys…and as for #20… WOW!!!

    >>> hahaha…. okay man… you said it, but for #5, I think I agree iwith what the statement above says coz I do jump to conclusions when I get hanging messages. And I hate it, big time!!

  5. I guess #6 applies to everyone. One of the reason I hate talking to anyone about my problem is their assumption that I need a solution. I don’t! I never do! I just need to voice out my frustration. I think anyone should only give advice when asked, and nothing more.

    On #16, trust me, even we ourselves find our own selves and species strange and unpredictable. 😛

    And #20 is how I ended up with my knight in shining armour. 😛

  6. when a guy stops being honest with you, there’s something wrong with the relationship.

    when a guy says: i’m not in the mood to continue this relationship, it means he don’t love you any more.

    when a guy don’t even remember the tears he cried for you, you’ve lost him for good.

    when a guy stops looking for you, best is to stop bother him.

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