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Bloggers are nice people“.. which isn’t a remark you’d expect after being introduced as a blogger.  Well, that’s practically what Ghandi David said when his wife Anne introduced us (Amiey, Fahriee , Norman and I).  The remark, took me by surprise, as I always figured that people in tuxedos would try to avoid bloggers at all cost, let alone actually compliment us.

But yea… a compliment is always appreciated, especially when you do get to know how negative the community has been on certain bloggers of late.  This prompted us four to discuss on blogging ethics and the dos and don’t in a blog.  Fahriee even said that cursing in a blog shouldn’t be done, as cursing does reflect on one person.. and I hugely agree with him.  If I’m not mistaken, Norman and Amiey also nodded in agreement to this =)

The Great Hall of BCCK, place of the GMBF-Bosnia

Anyway, it has been very obvious that during the past week… I have been telling you guys so much on the Global Malaysia Business Forum – Bosnia or GMBF for short.  I’ve been writing so much about this forum that some of you might have stayed away from my blog due to the fact that I am feeding so much info on this forum to you guys, that you just can’t consume it anymore.

Well, it’s over for now.  The GMBF is done with, and very much over for the year, and so… this may be the last post on the forum for now.  Nonetheless, for those whom choose to shy away from my blog due to this, it is really unfortunate, but as my Terms of Use for this blog writes “If you don’t like what you read, you can leave. No one is forced to come to this blog.“.   After all, this blog, or more specifically my articles on the whole GMBF is to share my experience of meeting up with huge people, and I have no intention to bore you guys, and what more to say show off.

'Rubbing shoulders' with Tun Mahathir

Nonetheless, I personally felt I was privileged to have come for such a huge event, and ‘rub-shoulders’ with huge VVIPs like Tun Mahathir, Pehin Sri Taib, and the Bosnian President himself, H.E Dr Harris Silajdzic.  It was nothing short of a fantastic experience, and I met some amazing people during the whole process.

This post is kind of like a summary of the whole behind the scenes, which no one knew.  It is meant to give you an idea of what actually happened, and how the four of us managed to squeeze ourselves to be ‘somebody’ during the forum.  Yeah, I know.  It does sound like I’m bragging, but really.. I’m not.  I am grateful of what has happened during the whole 4 days of the GMBF, and I have Glenreagh Sdn Bhd to thank for EVERYTHING.  I’m very sure Fahriee, Amiey and Norman feels the same way.

Helping out the organising comittee

For starters, the four of us got a huge upgrade in our ‘media’ status.  When we first said ‘Ayee!!” to cover the forum, we were expecting nothing but passes to cover the event as we always do.  It’s sort of like the blogging Julius Ceaser thing going on where we go “I come, I see, I blog“… but nahhh… that was totally screwed because we did more than that.  We were actually upgraded to ‘Organizers’ during the second day of the forum, and finally left the forum being marked as ‘Entourage’.  I think, even the printed press/media were stunned by our privileges.  Yep, we were equally stunned, but because we are at the receiving end, we are hugely grateful.

Putting up name cards for the VVIPs

As we were mysteriously involved in some decision making throughout the whole forum, the last day proved to be the most obvious as we were asked to help lay down name cards of VVIPs for the closed door session.  As a matter of fact, we could see how first hand how Glenreagh Sdn Bhd organized such a successful event, and it was a very good learning experience.  I guess, I couldn’t describe in detail what went on, but I have to say that these people (of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd) was working around the clock to keep everybody happy, and ensuring that everything went smooth.  You have to admit, that some organizers would just push aside ‘unwanted and un-important’ people, but Glenreagh Sdn Bhd didn’t do that as they took everyone’s need into consideration.  In fact, they practically took care of almost everybody’s welfare with a smile despite having little sleep and rest.  Even small time bloggers like us, felt like huge guest due to their continuous effort.  I tell you, these people in Glenreagh Sdn Bhd are a pretty hardworking bunch!

Inside the State Legislative building for the State Banquet Dinner

You see, we were not suppose to even be at the State Legislative building for the State Banquet Dinner, but they made it happen, and on top of that, they treated us to a very delightful supper at their suites.  If that wasn’t enough, we were asked to stay for the closed door session as observers(when most media were asked to leave),  and were later invited to attend the luncheon at Four Points Sheraton.  If cost were to be taken into account, it would be something like this:

Being at the forum (RM980) + Supper (RM100) + Lucheon (RM200) = RM1280

But, cost isn’t the issue here for me.  I personally made good new friends, and I deeply appreciate the company of the Nordin, Anne, David, Jane, Syed, Rita and Lilyana.  During the past few days, I made new connections, I met new people, and I learned a whole bunch of new stuff.  Even at my age (mid-20s), I realized that I’ve still so much to learn, and there is so much more I can achieve.

The 'gang' with Syed and Jane

To the ‘gang’ of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd, I thank you for this opportunity, and I hope that we could, in the future meet up again.  It was indeed my pleasure to meet you guys, and I thank you for everything.

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