Birthday Post: 28 – Time to Reflect

It’s my birthday yet again. That statement can’t be any bolder.

I’ve nothing special planned for my birthday. It has been like that for the last 10 years or so. Nope. I’m not in any way sad about that fact, and I guess you shouldn’t feel sorry for me either because I don’t enjoy being yanked on the head with an egg, nor do I enjoy cleaning up after the party… Yup, I’m as boring as a golf on radio. LOL….

A cup of coffee

Truth to be told, when my birthday comes, I feel some what sad. It’s not because of the non-existence of parties or any dedicated celebration for me, but it’s rather a day I use to reflect on my failures and how an under-achiever I am in things I should have already accomplished. I know, I am weird in that way.

That’s why, for the past 3 years, since I’ve been actively blogging, I normally do a special post on what I have overcame in my past 12 months before my new age. I guess, it’s my way of consoling myself in regards to stuff I have yet to achieve.

This year, I’m breaking that cycle. No more updates on what I have achieved because I feel by doing so, I am somewhat showing off. I should have realized earlier =(

Anyway, in conjunction with my birthday… here’s 28 things I believe you all do not know about me:

  1. My dream is to do a job is to manage a business and see it grow and expand, and actually earn goo money from it.
  2. My day job is still ‘unbalanced’.  I’ve been changing subjects for the past 4 years, and office politics ain’t a good motivation. Practically gave up trying to shine at work.  Now trying to ‘de-shine’.. hehehehe
  3. Despite everything that has happened, I still feel caged within.  Life restrictions & expectations top the list. There are times, I shout ‘Fark off, damn it!!” inside…
  4. Sometimes, when I look and meet my school/uni/colleagues… I envy them to the bits…
  5. I don’t like fame, which is one of the reasons why I’m not fond of my day job too…  Fame is annoying and a huge burden.
  6. I only started drinking beer in 2007.  Before that, I could hardly finish a can.  Some close friends have stated “Cyril makin maju”… yeah, indeed…
  7. I used to dare plan my personal stuff for up to 10 years. Now, I only plan for less than a year, or 24 months at the most. Chicken… bakkk.. bakkk.. baaakkkk.!!
  8. I don’t feel as healthy as I should be… I plan to hit the gym to resolve this, but God knows how long that would last before I choose my bed over the treadmill.
  9. I prefer staying indoors most of the time.  I’m a homely person and I like staying at home.
  10. I have high expectations over my own self.
  11. I don’t like borrowing other people’s stuff, and I don’t like asking for favors.  If I can manage, I’ll do it myself or get the ‘stuff’ for myself.
  12. I used to love keeping things neat and tidy… but not anymore because I mess things instead now.
  13. When I’m damn pissed, I’ll just shut up and leave.  It’s not that I’m out of words, but there’s no point arguing with idiots =P
  14. Sometimes, I wonder why it is so hard for some people to accept my decisions in regards to my life, and yet, I on the other hand can accept theirs, with a full throttle gift of support.
  15. I can’t swim.  I drown instead.
  16. I started drinking coffee after I started drinking Starbucks.  Before that, I disliked coffee.
  17. I prefer mamak stalls over loud clubs/pubs but there’s an exception if there’s a good live band playing.
  18. I get nervous talking to famous and influential people, including our dear Kenny Sia, although I have met him like over 20 times…
  19. It’s usual for me not to know about personal details of my close friends or acquaintances because I will not ask them about it, unless they choose to tell me.  I believe its my way of respecting their privacy.
  20. Computer games are part of my life. I still play Football Manager until today.  I don’t play other games as my computer does not have the graphic capabilities.
  21. I have dyed my hair before.  It was dark brown.
  22. Some of the shirts I wear have been with me since I was 16.  Yep, they still fit nicely although I am a little bigger now.
  23. I can cook most of the dishes I like such as Jantung Pisang Belacan, Crispy Tomato Sauce Fried Mee, Ayam Masak Merah, Kueh Tiaw sup etc, and its all thanks to my mum.  Problem is though, it must have pork in it (except if it’s chicken oriented) or the dish becomes not nice.
  24. I always save up for something I want badly, but that is before I knew about something called the ‘credit card’.
  25. I don’t like traveling actually.  Packing and unpacking tops the reason why this is so.
  26. I bought my SAGA BLM without consulting my dad, and he was not happy I did so,  but ended up chipping in some money so that my deposit was was ’rounded to the next figure’.  Cool dad! Woott!!
  27. I am not a big fan of cheese, but it doesn’t taste nicely if you serve a double cheese burger =P
  28. Whiskey Coke on the rocks is to date still my favorite alcoholic beverage.

Okaylah… that’s about all for today. I believe I have revealed quite a lot about myself.

Ahhh… just one more thing.  If you are wondering what you could get me for my birthday, a new 13.3″ screen laptop running with somewhat the latest processor, which runs on a 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard disk would be really something 😛

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