The Perfect Teacher’s Day


16 May.. how can I forget. Its teacher’s day…

So what am I expecting for today? I guess I’m expecting nothing. Really.. nothing.. not from my students.. and surely not from my colleagues, friends and boss.

In fact its just one of those ordinary days which I see usual, and has the word “ORDINARY” written all over it. Sort of like my birthday.

Nonetheless, I do have a small wish that teacher’s have a days off on teachers day. Sort of like a holiday.. but I guess its not that case in my school. hmmmm.. This year.. Teachers day would be celebrated on 21st May, and after the celebration which includes the common ‘special’ assembly, I have a meeting. When I got the invitation letter for the meeting.. I was like WTF???? For God’s sake… its teacher’s day.. at least give us ‘small fish’ some time off from coming home late. Damn!! Sometimes, I just feel meetings are just a total waste of time because everything has been decided before hand.. and we people just go to okay it…

Nonetheless, when I think of it.. I guess thats why people always regard teacher’s as a candle. They shine the path for others.. but are not really appreciated.. very much like a candle burning itself.. I think I’d rather be a torchlight.. because I do not want to consume myself while guiding others through life…and.. I felt this post was appropriate to re-read again for you guys.

Maybe its my way of making a silent protest, so I wore the official ‘teacher’s day new batik’ before the actual date we are suppose to use it(that would be this coming 21st)… hehehhe… my colleagues say.. I was ‘bersemangat’ a.k.a excited.. but I answered back saying.. “what’s the point of keeping something good kept?”… Indeed, that was partly true.. after all.. the other good reason is that I only have one batik shirt.. and I got bored using it every week especially on Wednesdays.

I guess, this year could be the best Teacher’s day eve I had ever had…. but all I want to say that it has something to do with Narnia… Damn.. its a nice movie…

So.. to all my ex-teachers.. and all those called teachers..



thank you for everything!!!


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