Birthday Post: 29 – Still Standing Strong

Today is the 6th day of January, and guess who was born on this very same day 29 years ago? Yeah, I guess you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that it was me.

At 29, I guess the calls for marriage is going to be much louder as many will start to ask ‘When’s my turn’, but I bet many others will agree that marriage is not a small decision, and it’s best to be ready for any such thing.

Anyway, for the last one year, there has been many significant things happening, so let me just do some quick recap on what happened when I was 28.

  1. Bought myself a semi-detached house, which was probably the best decision I made in 2011 considering the house price rose to almost RM50K within 5 months after my purchase, and the announcement of a new commercial area as well as  shopping mall within 10 minutes from my house location.
  2. Re-aligned my finances to facilitate the payment of my new house.  In the process, I cleared two major creditors, and coincidentally gave me more financial freedom.  Also allocated some of the sum to savings which I hope will help me in the house renovations scheduled in 2012 (this year).
  3. Friends arranged a surprise birthday party at KBOX, which was really my first surprise party.  In fact, it was my first proper celebration of my birthday since I was, er… 10?
  4. Featured unexpectedly in a newspaper this year.  Thought it was a casual/small interview until I saw the article come out on one whole page in the Utusan Borneo.
  5. Got to know more about those working behind AZAM and SDI, and the wonderful things they are doing for Sarawakians.  They changed my perspective on some issues, big time.
  6. Organized Tweet-Up Kuching 2011 with help from some amazing tweeps and organizations.  419+ attendees speaks nothing short of a resounding success.
  7. Decided to apply for study leave to expand my knowledge while getting some leave off work, but my application failed miserably.  I didn’t even make the short list, but I did get offered a place in a prestigious university =(
  8. Did my civil duty and voted for the first time during the Sarawak State Elections.  My voting station shall change in the next few years as I am now voting at a place far far away.
  9. Blessed with good health and fortune by God.  Unfortunately though, had my worst ever fever in years, which for the first time disrupted my appetite and made me bed ridden for days.

Oh well, 9 items for my 29th year alive.  No intention to gloat, but yeah.. I like using my birthday as an excuse to let you guys know the private side of me.  I hope 29 years living on earth will make me wiser, and healthier and of course happier.

Anyway, thank you for all the wishes everyone.  You guys make my birthday extra special =)

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