5 signs you guys are ready for marriage

I’m doing this post as a filler since I don’t have anything important to say in this blog but anyway, this is still quite personal to me since it answers the question of how I knew it was the right time to settle down aka get married.

Anyway, before you read on, please do note that this is only the five things I could come up with, and there could be much more indications than the five listed.

Since this is from a personal perspective, it only applies to guys, but if you ladies feel it also hits a chord, bah, no problem!

If, in anyway, you find the indications inaccurate, share a comment because I love getting comments =)

But for now, let’s begin with 5 indications which to me, shows you are ready to get ‘hitched’.

NUMBER ONE: Money on booze is wasting money
Liquor, arak, jack daniels
You think drinking booze is a good way to waste money because the money could be used in so many other better ways such as buying a house, getting yourself a decent meal at a high end restaurant, or maybe travelling to an exotic place like Kuching and KK.

NUMBER TWO: Holidays means doing nothing
TV, series, relax
Holidays are no longer a time when you plan to get out and explore the world, and get yourself tired in the process, but instead rather the best time for you to unwind and recharge by staying at home, or relaxing at a beach or spa, where you have nothing else to bother about.

NUMBER THREE: You always feel alone
alone, student, sesi bergambar
You hang out with friends and have a blast of a day, but when you get home, it feels empty and silent. You are not exactly a loner, nor are you without friends, but somehow, you always feel something is missing, and that you are alone. Right, that’s quite an indication you need someone with you, and that speaks volumes.

NUMBER FOUR: Gaming gets boring
cards, games, shuffle
Except for the ‘once in a while’ gaming sessions, you largely give up on gaming even if you are half bored at home, preferring to either go out for a walk, watch TV series or movies on TV, or start gardening. For me, it was the TV series part which got to me.

NUMBER FIVE: You contemplate on going out for clubbing
party, club, clubbing, kuching
There are weekends or public holidays when you are dying to go out to ‘cucuk langit’, but then, you contemplate way too long due to the knowledge of the huge expenses you will incur, coupled with the close to zero benefits of actually going out clubbing, only to find yourself still at home deciding to stay in as the clock hits midnight.


Well, of course of all the five indications above, the need to have a viable girl of choice is important, but having someone doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to settle down, especially if you are not ready to sacrifice time and money for your relationship.

Not forgetting also the fact that marriage means you will have two sets of parents, which means double the responsibilities to keep both sides happy, which can sometimes be quite a challenge.

But hey, I’m not saying I know it all about marriage, nor am I saying that I know what makes a marriage to tick well. I’m just sharing pointers I feel would make it clearer on when is the right time to get ‘hitched’.

At the end of the day of course, it’s your choice, and if you are not ready for it, don’t jump into it just because everyone around you is doing it.

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