The Beautiful Wedding – Congrats Mr & Mrs Harold!

I’ve attended many weddings before, and quite frankly, those Church weddings in the movies are so beautiful you’d think ‘It ain’t happening in Malaysia‘.

Well, I stand corrected because the wedding between Harold and Mariana was simply beautiful.

It all started with the entrance song which was the non-typical ‘Marry Me’ by Train (God, I love this song!), as the lovely bride walked the isle into the Cathedral accompanied by her father. Harold was looking dashing and calm at the altar, despite him telling me how he was nervous outside. He shook his father-in-law’s hand, and took his soon to be bride.

The exchange saw smiles grow in the lovely cathedral as the song continued until they reached the ‘couple seat’ at the side of the altar.

To be honest, I’ve always loved Fr Albert Jacobse’s preaching because he’s so natural in it. He’s witty, and he gives ‘life’ in his weekly sermons. He doesn’t make his Gospel explanations too religious, but yet, the message is clear. He was the priest for this wedding, and boy did he just make the occasion even better!

I couldn’t recall much of the exact words he had, but his first few words goes something like this “This morning, when Harold came to see me, he told me ‘Fr, I’m nervous…’, and then the bride came to me and said she’s nervous too. So Harold, do you really need that many best man (pointing at all the best man) to help you through today?” as Harold laughed and nodded. The rest of the sermon went perfectly as Fr Jacobse stressed on how lovely it is to be in love, and how Harold used to court Mariana, and why 12 years ago, there must have been a ‘spark’.

Apart from the lovely choir, the couple just looked lovely together, making the whole wedding even more beautiful. Looking at them together would just makes you go ‘Aaawwwww….’

Since I had to skip the reception (which I bet had been a blast!), here’s a toast (lifts up my glass of JD and Coke on the rock) to Mr and Mrs Harold. Congratulations!,  and I wish you both a happy life together. Amen.

“What God has joined together, no human being must separate.” ~ Mark 10:9

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