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After a week of holiday, it feels hard to actually wake up at 6:30am, and head on to work at 6:55am.  I feel sluggish to even open my eyes.  It prompts me to hope that money does grow on trees, but yah… like that’s going to happen.  Maybe if the sun starts to set in the north, that would be a reality… but I’d not bet my money on it.

Anyway, for the past 24 hours I have been as busy as a bee. Well, maybe not as busy as one, but I could say almost.  I guess, by now most of you frequenting this blog would notice that I have a ‘thing’ for technology and websites…. and over the months, or maybe years, my fascination over digital photography has followed suite.

This fascination has brought me to choose Sony Ericsson’s K750 as my first expensive phone, which replaces my old monophonic Nokia 2100 phone.  I went for Sony’s K series phone due to recommendations that the pictures are of better quality.

Em, the K750 last me a year, and it created humble yet satisfying photos.  The only problem was that it’s shutter kept getting dislodged from its location, which saw me changing to the Sony Ericsson K550i, which is yet another camera phone by Sony.

The phone itself was adequate, and stylish… and the photo’s were good enough for any 2.0MP phone.  Nonetheless, its small keypad’s annoyed me big time, and this prompted me to change to my latest K770i phone.

With the 3.2MP camera, I am satisfied.  It’s black and stylish plus, the keypads are perfect for frequent ‘texter’.  It’s also a 3G phone, although I have t admit, I don’t know nuts on how to use that function.  One thing tough, is the fact that I am learning how to take better shots with this phone, and because of that… I have opened a new blog which is a photoblog called cdasongraphic.

This new blog would showcase whatever photo’s I think is nice, which I have captured… and would feature a lot of images once I get ‘my new Sony Digital camera’.  And while I’m at it, you remember that LG KC550 5.0MP phone I won for free from Digi?? Yeah.. the slide which has a market price of RM1,300 plus?? Well, In order for me to get a new Sony Digital Camera, I’d need extra money, and I’m selling this phone off to anyone interested.  I’m looking at RM1k but its negotiable.  Its the original set, with Zitron waranty.  I have yet to get the phone (I’ll collect it this Friday), and I assure you it is new and still a virgin.  You could check out the specs of the phone here… So any takers??

p/s:  If you are interested, and can C.O.D, that would be just Fantastic!!  But, shall you prefer to do money transfer online, and ask me to post the phone to you, then you’d have to trust me… either way, check out cdasongraphic.


  1. You got a good photos taken by your phone…If you are in to photography, you might want to try to invest on DSLR.

    >>>cdason says: Yeah?? you think my shots are good?? Coz I think they suck and are rather blur… Em, I am into photography, and I’d like to have a DSLR. The only prob is.. DSLR is expensive.. and well.. I don’t like the idea of carrying something big and bulky. I love to capture moments in life.. unexpected ones.


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