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agift of life

Frankly speaking, I don’t have a golden heart. I am also not sure many would actually say I do have one, as there might be people who would describe me as simply ignorant or just individualistic. Well, I am not denying any of their statements, nor am I agreeing to it. I believe in my principles’ of life, and I stand firm on it… In some instance, I do things which I think is right and beneficial for all people close to me, and I do tend to go beyond humanitarian values, and that has made me somewhat seem like a ‘hard-headed’ person to many, to some extend, actually making others look at me with a huge feeling of disgust, or maybe dislike. Well, I don’t care of all those coz I believe in the decision I make, and care less about what others think about me.

The truth is, people will never look into the good of someone, but will most certainly try to bring them down when they have the chance to do so. Humans… it’s how they work. With that in mind, I figured, what’s the point of trying to protect my ‘image’ and reputation when it is so delicate and vulnerable? I could do so much good in my life, for ages, till I die… but a simple silly mistake will take away all that good words about me, and it will be replaced by the ‘bad stuff’. Unless I am a saint that is.. which all of you know, I am most certainly not. So, I go on with my daily life, just living it the best way I can, without bothering about what other people think. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s life.

Now, I am not going to talk about what good things I’ve done, but I came across this campaign called ‘The Gift Of Life’. It is an organ donation drive to get Malaysians to pledge their organs for donation once they have died. All you need to do is fill up a form, fax it to the National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC), and wait for their response. According to their website, you can also ‘snail mail’ them the form, but trust me on this, it’s better for you to just fax it to them as you’d get a response within days or weeks. ‘Sail mail’ will take forever… as I personally know. Maybe it’s the mailman, or maybe its the foundation itself. I don’t know why, but I do know its darn slow… How slow?? Well, lets just put it in the way that the response mail from the foundation will never reach you.

Letter from the National Transplant Resource Center

Anyway, don’t flatter yourself by thinking that you would be appreciated highly for agreeing to donate your organs/tissues. The response letter contains a letter of appreciation, and a green card. That’s the most you get as a sign of appreciation from the NTRC. Even the ‘Donor Card’, as they call it, was empty, revealing spaces where you have to fill in your own particulars using pen, or if you are hardworking enough, by typing. Maybe they are short of funds, but it kept me wondering… “So… if the donor happens to die all of a sudden, does he have to show the card before his last breath so that his organs could get donated??” It feels kind of silly to carry around a card when you can’t actually calculate when you’d die. Taking the card out of the wallet would already kill the poor donor =P

Malaysian Donor Card

Not that I’m expecting anything much from the NTRC, but I was expecting something more practical… say a bracelet, pendent or maybe a simple ring which says ‘organ donor’. I saw this once on TV, where this girl got involved in a fatal accident, and the rescuers managed to donate her organs to those in need quickly upon knowing she was already dead because she was using the Donor’s bracelet. If she was to be using a Donor’s Card, I am guessing… her organs would be useless or dead by the time they identified her as a donor.

Perks… what perks do you get from signing up as an organ donor? Frankly speaking, I don’t see any. Apart from having your bones and organs being taken out upon your death, you won’t enjoy any cash payment or any difference in your current way of life. In fact, you might be unlucky enough to go to the burial ground without eyes, a heart, kidneys, your liver and maybe a huge ugly scar on your chest.

Appreciation letter from the National Resource Center

But hell, from my personal point of view… why should you bring all those organs to the grave anyway? It’s not like you are going to use them in heaven or hell. I figure, it doesn’t really matter that you are going to heaven or hell. If you have been bad or good in your lifetime, you can’t actually say that by donating your organs, you would be guaranteed a slot in heaven? It’s up to God to decide on that. It is not even about showing others that you are good and worthy to be called a good Samaritan. For me, it’s about doing the right thing. It is about feeling good within yourself.

Because, the way I see it… the last moments of your life shouldn’t be spent regretting your wrong doings, or counting your greatest achievements or blessings. It should be spent with a smile of joy, knowing that you will be helping a needy stranger gain another day for living his/her life, when yours is taken from you…

To date, Malaysia’s 29 million population can only afford 132,020 organ donors.  That’s like… so damn little.

Don’t be selfish, share your unwanted body parts with those whom are in dire need of them. Sign up as an organ donor by clicking this link,  because there is more to life than achievement, and there is more to death than sadness.  Be an organ Donor… give someone… A GIFT OF LIFE.

agift of life


  1. Great work, Cyril.. I’m not a Malaysian Donor myself but I have sign up for the organ donation when I was in Australia. And I totally agree with the wallet card which mine is sitting somewhere in my drawer looking like a piece of moulded cheese.. But I do have a keychain as I am a frequent blood donor.. with my blood type and so on.. which might be helpful if anything happens to me…

    Thanks Patrick… and the key chain is such a smart move. They should really introduce some kind of key chain or bracelet for organ donors. Like your card, mine is starting to get mouldy in my wallet. Wait.. let me look for it first to reconfirm.. I thin I misplaced it ..;P

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