A good built-in cabinet maker in Kuching


With houses now shrinking in size, the need to have a professional built-in cabinet maker is important because built-in cabinets not only save space, but can make a house indoors, look more spacious and modern.

My own house has like a couple of built-in cabinets, which include the kitchen cabinet, and the bedroom cabinet. All made to perfection because I found the right person to do it.

In fact, my living room also has an amazing set-up partition to separate the huge 8 X 4 meter room into two, much to the displeasure of my mum, who thinks I would need it in the future.

That’s where I found about these guys, who knows how to do a built-in cabinet to perfection at a reasonable cost.

Their work is quite something as they tidy up well after the whole installation. The also bother to ensure all the small gaps which are usually gone unnoticed, are well sealed.

Anyway, they could easily install one of these built-in cabinets in a day or so, so they do work pretty fast.

If you are interested to engage them, leave a comment or DM me on Facebook as I’m not going to put their numbers here due to the fact I am not paid to do hence there’s no reason to promote their business bah, but I will give it, if you ask.


  1. Hi Cyril, glad that I found your post. Can you share the cabinet-maker contact number?
    How much was the quote for the partition alone? I’m trying to cover up a support column in the middle of a dining room, hence the partition. Thanks!

  2. Hi Cyril, appreciated if u can share with me their contact numbers as well. Hows their pricing, standard market price (i.e similar if i walk in to any other shop) or slightly cheaper. Tia.

  3. Hi Cyril, your house looks awesome! Hos is the quality of the cabinet? Hope u can email me their contacts too… Thank you.

  4. Hi Cyril, do you mind sharing the contact no for the cabinet installer please. Also i would like to know how much is the total cost for your house cabinet installation. And i would like to see the inside of the bedroom cabinet if possible. Thank you.

    • Hi Reynold. I’ve emailed you. Sorry I can’t send photos of the cabinet inside as its filled and I do not want to go through all the trouble to take stuff out, to take a photo.


  5. Hi Cyril, great post. Would u kindly email me the both contact num for the cabinet maker and the contractor of your kitchen extension? Seems they’ve done a good job.

  6. Glad I bumped into this post. Would appreciate if you could share me their contact number. Since this post was done a year ago, how is everything still holding up (in terms of the cabinets)

  7. Hi Cyril,
    Thanks for your quick email to me the other day regarding your kitchen renovations. The contractor quoted me a reasonable price and will start work on my kitchen next month.


    • Hi Sophia,

      Glad to hear that. Hope everything goes well with your renovation. Do remember to also keep an eye on the work. It helps in getting the best out of the work. Cheers!


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