It’s Official, I Have My First House

For the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating a lot about buying a house.  I have finally found one, and a discussion with my parents over the weekend has concluded, and it’s confirmed that I am going to get the house. In fact, I just paid the deposit this morning, and soon will need to sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement with an appointed lawyer. Like my friend Jalani said, “Buying a house is simple. You just need sign, and they will do everything for you“, which has been proven true so far.

The house honestly is what I wanted. It’s a single story Semi-D house, with a size of over 9.7 points (which I have no idea how big it is in meters), with 3 rooms, and two bathrooms.  Location wise is perfect as it’s just about 5 minutes to my working place, has all public amenities nearby, and Kuching City is only about 10 minutes away. I can reach Satok in 5 minutes.

From the looks of the site, it does seem to be flood free and the area is quite far from the main road which would make it quiet and peaceful.  The contractor has been responsible for numerous other good housing projects around Jalan Depo Kuching, and the land tenure is 60 years, which I believe is rather acceptable nowadays. From what I understand, to renew the lease would cost me RM1k in the future, provided there’s no change in the renewal fees. The house is expected to be ready by early 2012, so that would be perfect as my contract with TM would also end by then.

The land for the house is registered as ‘Native Land’ (which basically means that only Bumiputera/Native people can buy it), but from my observation of newly occupied houses nearby, the area is well mixed with Chinese taking up over 60% of the houses in the area. There’s also a field and park nearby, and there is no less than 5 other ways to go out from the housing area. There is about 4 primary schools nearby (less than 10 minutes apart, and all within 5 minutes from my house), and 3 secondary schools nearby. If that is not good enough, St Joseph’s and St Thomas is just about 15 minutes away. Even my parents, whom are very hard to please when it comes to locality of a house, were happy with the location.

Part of the house blue print.

Mum said, buy the house as an investment and shall I wish to buy a new one, I can do so in the future.  Well, I couldn’t agree more.

The developer or the housing project is also pretty nice. She gave me tips and tricks on house buying, and was willing to answer each and every question I asked, no matter how dumb they were. We also shared stories on her son… yeah, talking to her was pretty interesting.  Apart fro that, she also promised that she could help me modify small parts of the house free of charge in accordance to my likelihood, as long as I inform her earlier.

Anyway, the purchase of the house has most certainly made my days seem fantastic. Buying a car a few years back didn’t have the same ‘feel’ as a car is a burden, but a house is an asset. With a car in hand, a house soon to be owned, and a job which pays the bills, I think there is nothing else I need to do, but save my money for future needs, and work in expanding Sarawak Bloggers. Oh, mum did say that I could ask them for help financially, but I told her that I’d like to try to do everything myself first. Call me stupid for declining, but I always believed that I should try to do everything I can myself, before resorting to asking for favors. Maybe that’s why I dislike ‘butt kissers’ and those whom ‘give up even before trying’.

This new revelation definitely brings the month of November to an awesome months. Honestly, it feels very satisfying.

Due to privacy reasons, I’m very sorry to inform everyone that I will not be revealing the exact location of my house in my blog.

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