A guide to choosing a good hob, hub and oven?


Choosing a good hob, hub and oven is not an easy task.

So, if you are bored of listening to me talking about my house, or more specifically my house extension already, then best to leave now because this is yet another post about just that.

However, if you have plans to do renovation, particularly the kitchen, or maybe you have experience in this field, do read on. At the end of the post, I’d hope those with some experience would hit the ‘comment’ button for some tips. I’m always eager to learn from you guys/girls.

If you have not known yet, I am extending my kitchen by four meters (13 feet) outwards due to the ‘open-style’ kitchen of my house. The extension does not come cheap and is done by a good contractor, and I have decided to go all out and fix whatever is needed for a good kitchen once and for all. Heck, I didn’t even ask a discount from the contractor as I said ‘All I want is for it to be done well and nice’, and so far, I think I am more than happy with how everything is going.

The thing now is equipping the kitchen with a good hob, hub and oven. The three main things one need to cook in this modern era. I’ve done some reading and surveys, but I think the lack of knowledge on these thing limits my ability to make the best choices, and so I turn to you all. Those with Asian, Malaysian kitchen experience.

For the newbies, below is a good idea of what a hood, hob and oven is all about.

Hob, hood, oven
Know a hoob, hod and oven

So, now, there’s branding. There’s like so many brands out there, Rubine, Tuscani, Rinnai, Elba, Electrolux etc, but brand is the least of my concerns because history has proven that my BeeBest water heater, still provides me warm water early in the morning despite it being 5 years now.

For the hood, I was told to get one with the ‘ultimate suction power’, and so my survey around Kuching lead me to this Rubine hood (image below) which has a 1400 m3/h suction power. However, a Tuscani seller pointed out that the ‘diamond shaped’ hood sucks less if compared to the ‘flat’ or boxed type. He also pointed out that Rubine hoods were lighter in comparison to Tuscani, which means Tuscani is better. All that input left me more confused.

The Rubine Diamond shaped hood
The Rubine Diamond shaped hood

For the hob, or better known as stove, it was confirmed to be Rubine MGH-LOTOBLUE3B-BL as I wanted a three burner stove, and this seemed to be just nice with the right price. Nothing much to compare here as I believe all hobs are similar. (Do correct me if I’m wrong)

Now the most troublesome one, the built-in oven. I read in a forum about hoods, hobs and ovens that ‘ovens are freaking expensive because one rarely uses it’. I guess it’s true because mom does not use her oven much, but for future use, I guess I might as well get it one go. Problem is, I am not sure which is the best. They say, get the one ‘easy to clean’, but how do we define ‘easy to clean’? Only an experienced oven user would know, and guess what I am?

Also, a friend said ‘get one with a thermometer, but check out the specifications of the oven by Rubine below. See any thermometer written?

Rubine Oven specification
Very general specifications from Rubine

I downloaded the manual of the Rubine oven for reference sake, and it just hit me that using the oven is also quite something. To use the functions, you have to be well versed in where to turn and what to do. Wahh… suddenly frying chicken sounds so much easier!

But anyway, for the sake of comparison, I am torn between this two models (image below).

Tuscani vs Rubine
The battle of Tuscani vs Rubine

Okay, let’s be realistic. I can’t afford something costing RM5K and above but I do still need a good hob, hub and oven, so please don’t ask me to go for some huge brand which cost so much I’d cry to sleep thinking of the money I’d fork out for.

Also, I am now torn between Rubine and Tuscani, and was told by the Tuscani seller that Tuscani is above Rubine when it came to quality. I know, he’s biased but that does not mean he may be right.

So, if you are reading this. Share the love people, and give me some tips. Experience on the hob, hood and oven for brands you are using, particularly Rubine and Tusconi is much appreciated.

Thank you for reading!


    • Hi there, I just saw your blog as I am thinking of buying a new build-in oven. I wish to know what’s your feedback of the Rubine oven that you bought in term of the consistency of the oven heat and the output of the food. Any problem so far? Thanks.

      • Hi Pat. Thank you for dropping by.
        We rarely use the oven to be honest, but so far there’s not much problem. My wife does most of the cooking and I’ve never heard her complain about it so far. The oven heat as I know seems to be quite consistent, but we only use the oven for meat, so I think heat consistency isn’t such a big deal if compare to baking cakes or cookies. Hope my reply helps! Cheers~.

  1. Mr Cryril ,

    I m interested to buy a set of Rubine hood, hod & oven for my new house in Kuching. I had got a quotation from SK Lifestyle, Satok.

    In has being 2 months since you last installed your Rubine set. I m just wandering how’s your Rubine kitchen set so far.

    • Thanks for dropping by Henry,

      So far, i don't have any complaints of the hood although my mum said it seems to be a bit noisy when she tried it out. The suction power is however fantastic.
      As for the hod, fire is good, but starting it up needs some getting used to. Since I probably got one of those 'cheaper' models – not the spiral blue flame, the flame produced is not entirely blue, but it is very hot nonetheless.

      Can't say much about the oven since I've yet to use it.

    • Thanks for dropping a comment Hasni!

      Well, The Rubine hood is good. Works well so far although the kitchen does seem oily after almost a year. Not sure if that’s usual since my windows are always closed when I cook because cats like to come in.

      The stove is also great, but starting it takes some effort. Im not sure if this is common.

      The Oven has not been tested enough, but it does work well.

      Am I satisfied, well, yes, because it doesnt have any major problems.

  2. hi Cyril..

    am thinking to get a set of hob, hood n oven together…can u pls share some info with me…n oso upload the sets that u bought n oso the cost…if u dun mind…thanks

    • Hi AnnSakinah,

      I eventually settled for the Rubine oven, hood and stove as you can see in the photos above (means I am not going to share any more images since its the same).

      Anyway, I got all three for RM2000+, but that was a year plus ago.

      The hood and oven is good but the stove, while it serves its purpose, becomes annoyingly slow when I need to start the flame that I need a fire starter to get the burner burning.

      Hope that helps. Cheers!

  3. I plan to buy hood and oven too. But struggle what kind of oven to buy (digital, mechanical control). How is the quality for Elba brand since it is produced under same company under rubine (fiamma sdn bhd)?

    • I can’t speak about Elba because I decided to get Rubine and despite being from the same company, quality control might differ. Anyway, Mechanical is good and so is digital, but I was noted that you must make sure you have a built in thermometer as it will help you a lot.

  4. Hi Cyril,
    Just to comfirm about the hood.So you bought the slanted/ diamond shape one is it? I am thinking of buying this type as well compared to flat shape. Being eyeing the Rubine Models too and slightly comtemplated between flat and slated one???So far,does the hood works well? The suction works better that flat?

    • Hi Sandra,

      Yes, I bough the slanted one. I can’t really judge if its better because the ‘smoke’ doesn’t seem to show when it enters. However, from three years using it, I don’t see much oil collected, which is somewhat weird compared to my mum’s which is the conventional flat type. That’s all I can say to be honest.

  5. Hi Sir,

    I am looking for Fujioh hood and hob. Is it a good brand? With the promotion of purchase of purchase, they offer me Rinnai building oven RB0-106SIX, seems can find the review, not sure this Rinnai oven good or not. Hope sir can advice me on these 2 items.

    • Hi Wayne, I really can’t tell you which brand is better, but I was told that most hood and hobs nowadays are from the same factory, only to have the brand differentiate. Some poeple I know took branded ones like Electrolux, Panasonic etc and still had their damaged after a while. Anyway, I took my luck on Rubine, and so far it has been serving me well. Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Cyril ,
    Normally there are 4 common things to consider when looking for a good HOOD .
    1. Suction power – Above 1400mᵌ/h is considered powerful . Make sure come with Telescopic Ducting .
    2. Maintenance – The easier to clean the better .
    3. Noise – If possible less than 52db .
    4. Brand – Normally Fujioh and Fotile have a better quality . Unfortunately , they are expensive .
    * I think slanted Hood is better than Flat .

    • Hi Amiruddin, thanks for leaving a comment, and I appreciate the tips. On the last tip however, any particular reason why you think slanted is better? I got the slanted one, and my kitchen floor is still oily…

  7. hi

    stumble upon your review.

    hows your oven and hood for now? rubine still functioning well after 7 years?

    thinking on buying rubine or livinox
    please advise. tq

    • Hi Ally,

      The Rubine hob and hood are still serving my family after 7 years despite no maintenance being done. I can say I am happy with it and wouldn’t mind recommending it to anyone.


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