Alang-Alang Menyeluk Pekasam


I’m sure most Malaysians know of this phrase: “Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan“.  The phrase basically means “Go all out while you are at it”.  Sounds nice and very encouraging, eyh?

Well, someone used it this week, in motivating us to go all out for the name of the school.  Apparently, my school is nominated as one of the best in Sarawak in terms of extra-curricular activities, and is in the running for an award at the nationals.  It does sound all glamorous because the school, teachers, students most particularly the administration will have the advantage to gloat about this success (if we win) at our school magazine, and to the rest of the world about how good our school is in conducting extra-curricular activities.

Well, with that said, I’ve been instructed to back date the report for my robotics team up to 3 years… from 2008 until now within 2 days, and considering that my robotics team does not have proper documentation (or the previous documentation is lost in translation – NOT MY FAULT!! ), I am working around the clock (so I say-lah) to complete the task because there was a fair silent warning that ‘Failure to do so will result in lower yearly evaluation marks‘…

Therefore, I will be very busy these few days doing all the documentation for my robotics team.  Deep down, I have a feeling I will not make the date line. Owh come on,  3 years of reports (a minimum of 54 meeting reports and not including numerous reports on activities), including 75 other documents which will need to be covered, found or most probably ‘suddenly emerged’  within two days?

I bet even Superman will think it’s almost impossible… but I will try my best… Hardworking ba konon….


  1. ala… the school is always like that. not to look down on the school, but it’s a fact.
    when there’s event then they will rush here and there to make sure that the preparations are perfectly completed.

    there were even tarian, break dance (i heard) gamelan performed by the students just to welcome the people. but don’t they think that the officers might think that the sch’s wayy too much into this thing till most of them skipped their p&p lessons, which is also academically important?

    not only the students have the stressed looks on their faces, but the teachers too. I can see that. and even heard about that.

    anyway, glad that everything went out normally yesterday. even the spm classes weren’t having our lessons.

    there’s no difference if i compare the commonwealth games in new delhi with this sch.


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