Annual Dinner & HSM


Nothing much to note.  The day started off really slow, and another fight broke up in school.  Students are getting restless with school nearing its end 🙁

After class, I brought Emy out for a movie, and I decided to take her to see High School Musical (HSM) 3.  Had high hopes due to its huge success and was actually provoked by its wonderful ratings from an online cinema site.

However, I was disappointing with the movie.  The first few scenes were boring, and no match to the HSM1 which I saw on Disney Channel.  Nonetheless, the ending was a blast, and was nicely done.  The only reservations I had was the fact that I could relate to the story 🙁

After the movie, I took Emy to Reservoir Park.  I must admit that it has been a very long while since I’ve been there, and it does seem very very different.  People were jogging here and there, and well.. Emy and I just fooled around the whole park.  Eventually, we ended up sitting on an empty bench, enjoying the cool breeze and the greenery view.

Evening came and I decided it was time to head home.  I had my staff annual dinner to attend to, and I had to be home early.  I wished the photo below was true…

but when I pressed the car remote to unlock, the ‘beep’ came from behind…from the Proton SAGA BLM, and reality came….but ahhhh… no complains coz I’m happy with my car… although it cost only 1/8 of the Mercedes parked beside it *SMILE*

Anyway, the anual dinner I attended was boring and simple.  The food could have been better.  Last year was better…. this year’s annual dinner just sucked.  Big time.

The only thing good was I didn’t leave empty handed, as I carried a huge hamper home this year.

Ahhhh.. wanna rest.. Irene invited me to some Jewelry function tomorrow.  I’ll be attending it with Emy at Hilton Hotel… Wonder what’s in store then.. byeee….

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