At Twenty Five


Here’s something about the number twenty five.

At twenty five, I learned how hard life could ever be when you take the wrong turns.  I learned that mistakes bring huge consequences, and new life lesson, which can hardly be erased physically, and mentally.

I learned that owning a car is expensive, and the desires to improve and keep it well maintained is darn expensive, that I spend most of my time just wishing I had enough money to do those ‘dream’ modification.  (Picture above: My car when I first got it)

I learned the hard way, at twenty five, that excessive gambling is really bad for me, and that I’d loose more than I expect to earn.

In fact, only at twenty five, I learned that money comes by hard, and I need to be prudent in my spending, and start saving.

The number twenty five also makes me hugely wonder how long can I avoid the ‘marriage’ question, which I’ve dodge over the past 12 months when I was twenty five. (Photo above: The wedding ring key chain given by Minex at their launch in November)

A bigger issue is, how can I actually try to please everyone, and at the same time remain happy myself?  Expectations loom at twenty five, and some remain unanswered… while other end up badly enough, I end up hurt, depressed and torn.

The number twenty five also brings me to remember that age is not an issue when you’re having fun as even playing ‘stone, paper and scissors‘ is really exciting, with the right partner.

At twenty five, I managed to see that blogger’s gathering is fun, when you have someone to share it with, and when you can go with someone you are close with.  In fact, blogging became a whole lot fun, when you could do practically everything related to blogging together, including camwhoring.  In fact, at twenty five, I only knew Minex Jewellery existed!! (Sorry Ben.)  (Photo above taken by Jimmy: Camwhoring during the Minex Appreciation dinner)

New Year was not the same at twenty five, as I lost my virginity to spending New Year’s Eve in a bar… but still have my ‘NOT DRUNK‘ virginity intact.

and finally, at twenty five, I feel that I have achieved a whole lot of nothing, on a professional point.

Hence, today… on the 6th of January this year, I turn twenty six, as I remain unchanged on the fact that it’s just an ordinary day, making its way by…

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