AZAM Interview On Sarawak FM


Last Wednesday, I was invited by Angkatan Mansang Zaman Sarawak (AZAM) for a brief interview on the use of social media and ICT in Sarawak.  It was an exciting call, and I was glad to oblige to share my deal of experience.

Before the interview proceeded, I had to get clearence from my boss.  She eventually called me up, and asked me what I was going to say on the interview while sending me a clear message on not to say anything negative.  It’s funny how some (not only my boss) feel that bloggers would say bad stuff all the times. We are good guys ba… =)

The ‘konti’ of Sarawak FM

Anyway, as promised, I was at RTM Kuching at 4pm and waited for Sheema, which is AZAM’s correspondence for the day.  As I was charging my phone in the car awaiting 4PM sharp (Damn Talkbox drains my phone juice), I saw saw two girls walk into RTM’s main building.  I dailed Sheema’s number and the girl infront of me seemed to be picking up. Ahh.. that’s her alright, and so I unplugged my phone from my portable cable and went to meet up with her and Syu.

Wai FM DJ was sporting enough to give me a ‘peace’ sign =)

We had a brief introduction, and soon I found myself walking inside RTM’s broadcast area. We passed by WaiFM, RedFM and finally reached SarawakFM which was the Bahasa Malaysia branch of RTM radio broadcast.

Seated and ready for the live interview

To be honest, at this moment I turned nervous because I’ve never been on a radio interview before.  I tried to calm myself down, but the feeling kept coming back.  It became stronger when I reached the konti and seated myself infront of the microphone.

Started to feel comfortable at the end of the show

When I’m nervous, my hands turn cold, and I’d be speaking super fast.. Faster than usual, and that’s like a super jet moving!

To make matters worst, I somehow started to cough…

Gambar kenangan =P

I’m not sure how the interview went, but I know I only cooled down at the end of the sho =(  I felt I was speaking too fast the whole time, and I think some questions were not left answered properly.  Nonetheless, it was a good experience, and I look forward to having another experience shall it arises.  This time, I hope to nail it!


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