B-B or Tiga-Tiga


Last month I sat for an exam called the Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (PTK), and here’s the result:

My PTK Result

Oh yeah… just a mere B-B / 3-3.

In this exam, getting a full A-A/4-4 would be better because I’d get a pay increase next year. The result I obtained means nothing significant as it only allows me to be approved for the time-based promotion offered to every civil service after the have been in service for a good 10 years.  Just so you know, the grades come in A (4), B (3), C(2) and D(1) only.

Oh well, I tried my best and B-B is my best result for that exam since the government decided to abolish the exam next year. I am still grateful and happy with the result 🙂


  1. Those codes are totally lost on me. That MPM logo still looks the same like in my STPM cert. Haha. When i was in govt, i didnt have the chance to sit for this. It wudve been fun, I bet.

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