BCCK ‘Yee Sang’ Buffet At RM68


Yes, I had another session with Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) for their Chinese New Year offerings this year. The previous offerings may just be too pricey for some of us, particularly when it’s starting at RM799, but the good people in BCCK are smart, as they are offering you a second deal for ‘Yee Sang’ through their buffet, and the damage? RM68 per person!

Taking cue from their famous ‘Ramadhan Buffet’, this CNY special also offers a range of 3 different buffet sets for your pick so that you don’t get bored with the food selections. Effort people! How many places do you know actually does that?

Anyway, I had a taste of some dishes which will be featured during the buffet, and I have to say, BCCK never fails to impress!

First up was the “Chinese Popiah with Condiments & Sauce” (photo above).

Second came the “Sze Chuan Hot & Sour Seafood Soup”. It’s a little spicy, but that’s what I like! Rick and spicy till it gives you that ‘Glorious Moment Of The Tongue’ as Kim says. I’d highly recommend this if you choose to go to the BCCK CNY Buffet! No photos available because I gave up after trying countless times to capture a clear image of the soup. All the images were blur.

Next was a mixture of “Baked Snapper Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce” (photo above). The fish was equally delicious with the lemon giving it the extra ‘ummppphhh’ needed.

Also worth to mention was the “Home made Beancurd & Minced Chicken”(photo above), which proved also delightful with the soup being very tasteful.

The “Braised Three Mushroom with Garden Green Vege” and “Steamed Chicken with Dried Golden Mushroom” (photo above) were equally good with the chicken proving to be tender and well cooked, and I bet you’d love it too.

The second last serving came, and I was served a variety of local fruits, a cake which seems to be like a chocolate cake (dark chocolate cake in the photo above), and a small slice of cheese cake (white cake in the photo above). Fruits are fruits, and there’s nothing really special about it, and I’m not a fan of cheese cakes. However, the so called ‘chocolate cake’. OMG! Definitely a ‘Glorious Moment Of The Tongue’!! I even asked how much it would cost me if I were to actually order 1kg to take away! The cake was rich and chocolaty and just made you close your eyes upon reaching the tongue. I tried a similar cake 24 hours after that from Secret Recipe, but hey, it wasn’t even close. This was ‘the cake’. Don’t believe me, try it by going to the buffet.

The last serving was the desert, or ‘pencuci mulut’ in Malay. It was an ordinary ‘longan drink’, and while it did quench my thirst and felt appropriate, there wasn’t really anything to shout about.

Unlike the ‘Ramadan buffet’, the Chinese New Year Buffet will be at the Raintree restaurant, and despite my moderate review on what was served to me, my personal experience tells me that BCCK does fare extremely well in serving buffets, and that their buffets are exceptional to say the least. The buffets listed above aren’t the normal dishes I’d choose at a buffet, and so that is a huge reason why I had reservations over the servings. Either way, at RM68+, it’s worth to try what BCCK has to offer in this CNY buffet. Trying is believing, and calling +6082392888 will enable you to make a reservation.

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