The Original Car Wash



Today I lost my respect over someone in a higher position than I am.  I just couldn’t believe what was done, and how unimportant my health is to this particular someone.  A few friends of mind also shared the same displeasure, but ‘small fish’ like us can’t do anything.  Can’t say much, but I guess money means more to this somebody, and my health is second to none.

The Original Carwash

Anyway, last week, upon my arrival from long course, I decided to have dinner with Amiey at The Original Car Wash.  The place is actually a car wash (obviously), but it also houses a restaurant as well.

Inside the Original Carwash

The ambiance of the restaurant is nice, soft and accommodating and I was looking forward to enjoying a good nice lamb chop after going on a long 3 weeks course.

Made our order, and as usual, camwhored.

Lamb Chop @ The Original Carwash

My order arrived looking very promising.  It had a good combination of salad, french fries, and two pieces of lamb.  I could say, the amount of food was equal the cost.  Nonetheless, a dip of lamb in the barbecue sauce provided proved that barbecue sauce does not go well with lamb chop.  It tasted disastrous.  I immediately requested for a change of sauce, but to my disappointment, there was none.*SIGH*

Inside The Original Carwash

The fact is, there is nothing much to say about this place.  Its a simple place, and maybe the abrupt decision to dine here kind of made it feel less special.  Nonetheless, The Original Car Wash does provide free wi-fi, and is a good private place to hang out.  The only problem is, they drinks are kind of limited, and well… so is the number of food available.

Owh well, I got another two days(actually 3) extra sick leave, and I plan to make full use of it by resting and bothering not about work.  As for the ‘somebody’ I’ve lost respect over… Ahhh…. its really such a shame because all this while I did see that ‘somebody’ as a caring person, regardless of the actions that somebody took.  Now, I see that ‘somebody’ differently.


  1. so it’s not advisable to eat there?

    u didnt mention anything abt the carwash le…

    [Cyril Dason]
    I guess if you want to have some snacks, it would be fine, but taste is subjective. The car wash is okay. Not the cleanest, but I like the idea that you get free drinks for your car wash, and a nice place to wait for your car to be done.

  2. On the original car wash: Your final verdict? Can I bring my gf there for dinner? Hahaha.

    On that somebody: I have met a few as well….it’s sad when your respected ones disappoint you…

    [Cyril Dason]
    You can bring your gf there Keeman. Food is subjective, but I didn’t like it, and because the place is kind of deserted(the restaurant), it would be nice for dating. And on thet ‘somebody’, yep.. its sad.. very sad..

  3. i was anticipating something about car wash too 🙂

    [Cyril Dason]
    Hehehe… I think car wash is almost the same anyway. The only difference here is you wait for your car to be done in an air conditioned room.

  4. And the price? is it worth the ‘Original’ tag? u cant self-proclaimed that without being exceptionally better than other car wash, right? whats ur verdict?

    [Cyril Dason]
    The carwash is ordinary. I guess what they mean by ‘original’ is the fact you can’t find snow wash, bubble wash or what so ever wash here. The do it the old way… like what you do at home. If they are busy, expect your car not to be that clean. The night I went there (around 7pm), I reached home with some parts still left with smudges. Maybe they couldn’t see at night.

  5. Sometimes I do passed by this place but i didn’t bother to try the food because I have the perception that, you will lepak there when you want to wash your car.

    Thanks for sharing. At least we know what they have to offer. Hehehe

    [Cyril Dason]
    Definitely. You spend more time to lepak than wash your car. But still.. if you do not want to lepak, you can just pay up and leave when your car is done.

  6. i think the food looks more yummy than the one u had at hilton on valentines.

    anyway, i recommend u take prednisolone if your sore throat persist. u can get them from the pharmacy for only rm2. and it works wonders.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Actually, its the other way around. The food in Hilton taste more yummy than this one, despite the beautiful display. Anyway, thanks for the tips on the sorer throat. WIll go to the pharmacy if my sore throat persist.

  7. It does seem like Kuching has got lots of new places opened, I wonder if I could ever really catch up to even half of them !! I must have been away for too long.
    But I have got to say one thing though, this is the first time I have heard of lamb shank being topped with BBQ sauce !! Must have been quite an ungodly combination.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Kuching does have so many new places, and its starting to get exciting here (fouuhh.. after soo long..). ANd you are just right about the combination of lamb shank and BBQ sauce.. Urghhh!!!!!


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