The Original Car Wash


Today I lost my respect over someone in a higher position than I am.  I just couldn’t believe what was done, and how unimportant my health is to this particular someone.  A few friends of mind also shared the same displeasure, but ‘small fish’ like us can’t do anything.  Can’t say much, but I guess money means more to this somebody, and my health is second to none.

The Original Carwash

Anyway, last week, upon my arrival from long course, I decided to have dinner with Amiey at The Original Car Wash.  The place is actually a car wash (obviously), but it also houses a restaurant as well.

Inside the Original Carwash

The ambiance of the restaurant is nice, soft and accommodating and I was looking forward to enjoying a good nice lamb chop after going on a long 3 weeks course.

Made our order, and as usual, camwhored.

Lamb Chop @ The Original Carwash

My order arrived looking very promising.  It had a good combination of salad, french fries, and two pieces of lamb.  I could say, the amount of food was equal the cost.  Nonetheless, a dip of lamb in the barbecue sauce provided proved that barbecue sauce does not go well with lamb chop.  It tasted disastrous.  I immediately requested for a change of sauce, but to my disappointment, there was none.*SIGH*

Inside The Original Carwash

The fact is, there is nothing much to say about this place.  Its a simple place, and maybe the abrupt decision to dine here kind of made it feel less special.  Nonetheless, The Original Car Wash does provide free wi-fi, and is a good private place to hang out.  The only problem is, they drinks are kind of limited, and well… so is the number of food available.

Owh well, I got another two days(actually 3) extra sick leave, and I plan to make full use of it by resting and bothering not about work.  As for the ‘somebody’ I’ve lost respect over… Ahhh…. its really such a shame because all this while I did see that ‘somebody’ as a caring person, regardless of the actions that somebody took.  Now, I see that ‘somebody’ differently.

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