Birthday post: The present of a lifetime

Let’s face it. I am not young anymore. By all means, I do feel like I’m still energetic, and able to do so many things – but my body is ticking at a different pace nowadays.

By 11PM, I’ll be already sleepy. I don’t favour late nights out of the comfort of my house, and I find myself treasuring relaxing time to the fullest. Things just don’t feel the same, and my body is telling me to pace down. Close friends know that I have somewhat slowed down quite a bit as I gear towards my wedding last month, with some making some ‘tiny little tricks’ to keep me and my wife with them past midnight.

That said, I’m honestly looking at toning down on a lot of things, Sarawak Bloggers included. It’s not because I don’t love the blogging community I helped build, nor is it because I am already married. It’s just simply can’t find time to put effort into it like what I used to do. Work is taking a toll, and the late nights I used to have to finish off things are now close to gone.

Often, I turn down offers asking me to travel here and there to cover events, with the latest one an-all-paid trip to KK during the weekend because I have already planned my house warming/blessing during that period. Certain things are indeed taking priority over what used to be my priority.

I’m completely sure that those older than myself would say that I am still young, with many, including Dad wanting me to gun for top post in my service. However, unfortunately for him, I’m contented of what I have, and I do not want the extra work which always comes with all these so called ‘top post’.

Well, as I turn to my new age today, I wish for more blessings in my life and those around me (Of course an IT gadget, or a new set of wheels would always be welcomed =P ), but to be frank, I always wanted to have someone whom would bring the best out of me in my life, to be there to support me, and share the joys of my humble life. Lucky for me, I found that one person in my wife.

Just so you all know, we finally moved to our new home on my birthday, and for me, that is a huge big present just for me.

Last but not least, thank you everyone for all the birthday and wedding wishes, and may God bless you all. You guys are awesome!

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