Birthday Post: Thirty Three

I turn 33 today.

For the past year, many things have happened but I’m not here to recall and elaborate in detail about every one of them point by point simply because I don’t have time to dig out the past and my time to blog is shorter nowadays with the lil’ one very keen in joining me typing any blog post.

Anyway, I will do just a just a short reflection of a few major things last year when I was 32.

1) Work
Komputer 1 malaysia, checking computers
I gained a promotion last year but overall,  work has been tiring and stagnant personally.  I do feel like a zombie,  going through a routine day in and day out when it comes to work. My blogging work (not sure if i can call it a job) however was exciting and to be honest, it keeps me going despite the fact I go out less for blogging. Opened a new blog site known as at the end of the Malaysian football season,  and things seem to be going great for this new site.  At 33, I am hoping to focus more attention on just a select few blogs.

2) Family
Carissa birthday
Carissa is growing and she is requiring more attention.  She is basically the center of everything nowadays with everything revolving around her. I can’t seem to do much when she’s awake nowadays forcing me to do everything not related to her after she sleeps. Her tendencies to sleep less have forced me to work late at night.  I also find myself being on the road more often than I like due to family obligations too. Family expenditure on Carissa remains the highest, but wife is helping a lot to cushion this. Went on a trip to Krabi and Penang as a family for the first time also, and realized that we will have to be more ‘picky’ when it comes to a destination in the future.  Though it’s been a year since Carissa was born, there’s still a lot of adjusting to do.

3) Friends
Time with friends are getting less. Can’t go hang out with them at night much, and with weekends reserved for family at both ends of the world, I can’t call them over either, or join them for gatherings because I won’t be free.  Weekdays are off since we are all working but it was one of the highlights of the year to eventually have a nice session with the boys before Christmas.  Also organized Sarawak’s biggest social media festival with the boys in September.

4) Health

Krabi man
Been taking quite a few medical leaves when I was 32. Perhaps its age, but I am very likely to catch a cold, which will translate into a fever, and the dire need to get rest and stay at home. Other than that, my health seems to be okay, but I think I do need to start exercising as my BMI is not great and I have that lump of fat on my tummy to prove it.  Would love to get a sic pack, but I don’t think that’s possible with my feeding regime, and I would be just happy to stay healthy and reduce a little of my body fat.

5) Finances
Currency Exchange
Finances have stabilized a lot at 32, but there is still room to improve. In December, I was contemplating to get a new car, but finally decided to invest my money for a long term gain, and I am hoping that’s the right decision. Some payments from numerous sources here and there had help cushion the rising cost of living, but at the end of the day, I realize it all goes down to wanting to spend less on things I desire and only buy what I need.  The investment I made in December somewhat confirms that I will be driving my 8-year Proton Saga BLM for a few more years to go.

Well, those are the brief five updates for 32, and I do hope that the new 33 age will hopefully bring more prosperity, health and happiness.

…and of course everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes!


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