Bites of Batik – The burger delights

Have you ever noticed this ‘different’ building spotted in the middle of Kuching?

Batik Boutique Hotel in the middle of Kuching

Well, it’s actually a boutique hotel, and it has a new restaurant known as the ‘Bites of Batik’ which serves local delights and some western food.

Last week, I had the opportunity to enjoy the burgers served at this restaurant, and it was indeed something different.

Why different? Well, for starters, the burger and all the food served in this particular restaurant is made with ‘health’ in mind, and secondly, everything is handmade.

Take for example the mushroom soup above.  It’s not the normal ordinary mushroom soup you have at other restaurants, but is made from scratch, zero, nada.  Tell me how many eateries actually do this?

The lamb burger served

I had the lamb burger, and the patty (which was also hand made) was indeed soft and nice as it I sunk my teeth into it.  The wedges which came with the burger was also hand sliced with each potato carefully selected by the Bites of Batik chefs.

Lemon mint drink with lots of mint

The lemon mint drink I had was not bad either, but I did suggest that less mint leaves were added in the future as it was difficult for me to drink with so much mint leaves added.

Must try Tuak mooncake jelly.

Lastly, the specially made tuak (rice wine) infused tuak mooncake jelly was indeed a wonderful addition to the food tasting that night.  The glorious yet a little bitter sweet tuak taste made the jelly give out one hell of an experience for my taste buds, hence making me tell you right here and now that THIS IS A MUST TRY!

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