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Updated blogroll

After so many months, I’ve finally updated my blogroll.  You can see how many ‘NEW!‘ additions I’ve included into my blogroll, and I’m glad to say, most of them I’ve met personally, face to face.  Do note about the small ‘note’ under the whole blogroll, k?

Blogging ain’t a career for me.  It’s not even a side income for me, despite the fact that I do earn a few buck a year from this blog.  It’s my favorite past time, and I enjoy the fact that I do get to meet new people from all walks of life.  Topping my list would be the coffee session with His Excellency, Ensar, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Ambassador to Malaysia.

Anyway, a huge question most people ask me is about how I actually got invited to these so called ‘special’ events.

Honesty, I don’t know, and it is a very hard question to answer.  At some point, I guess it is about knowing who’s who… but that sometimes ain’t so much true.  I wouldn’t want to elaborate more on this because the fact is that I only get invites to a small fraction of events if compared to other bigger and more prominent bloggers.  After all, my blog has tonnes of words to read, and I have to admit that this does bore the crap out of some people.  I guess, that’s why my blog rank is going up and down weekly.

The Keyboard

But nonetheless, whenever I get invited to cover an event, I’d make sure that I adhere to certain things, either within my blog post, or during the whole event.  I prefer to call this as my personal blogging ethics.  I’m pretty much sure that you guys have your very own blogging ethics. Care to share?

Btw, I’ve updated  theMAINscreen too.


  1. I like your blogroll! Congratulations!

    My ethic? Just one: It’s my space so if you dont like what I write, stop reading and go. Respect, dont be mean.


    On the ethics, well.. I agree that those whom are not interested in a particular blog should just ignore the whole blog and not be mean.

  2. Never use your position as a blogger to get free things. You’ll have to give back when you receive, if you get what I mean. 😉

    This is a very good ethic. Like Ensar said, it should be a two way traffic, and not one side always asking and taking advantage. People should realize that getting invited to an event is a privilege, and they should use the opportunity to the fullest, but not to the extend of asking for more just because they are prominent bloggers or invited to the event. Like you said, when you receive, you should know what to give back.

  3. hi Cyril,

    I wanted to comment on your meeting with ambassador but the entry was blocked for comment. Hahaha… you must have a good reason to do so right?

    Anyway Cyril, like you, I did not earn much from blogging as compared to my photography work, which i can earn instant cash. And like you said, blogging becomes my favourite thing to do just to kill time. And the best thing is, to make friends with new people. I haven’t met many bloggers yet, but i believe, soon i will meet them one by one.

    Sometimes, I did receive some invitation to do something for other people. Recently, I was contacted by Jetstar Airline to make a review on Kuching. I don’t know how they get to know me and maybe you got contacted by them too.

    Just consider it as a privilege when you meet someone important bro. I like your blog because you are good in sharing your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for the compliment Willie =) and wwhhooaaahhh… Jestar approached you? That’s huge man… If it’s me, I take it as a compliment. Even listening to it makes me excited =) That’s what I mean by it doesn’t actually mean that you need somebody to cover something.

    And regarding the comment closed. Well, it was accidental, and I have corrected the problem. Comments can be posted in the blog post now. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the inconveniences.

  4. I wanted to comment your previous post on meeting the Bosnian ambassador — that was cool! — but the comments section was disabled already.

    Blogging ethics? I won’t call it ethics per se, but there are a few rules I personally adhere to. My main one would be that if it’s something that I wouldn’t want my boss or colleagues or family to know, no matter how funny or enlightening that something might be, I wouldn’t put it online. Not even as my status in those social networking sites. Simple things like “I feel so lazy to work”, or “I hate my work”, or “my brother’s an idiot” are just too dangerous to put up.

    The Bosnian Ambassador post has been enabled for commenting. Sorry for that problem. Didn’t realize I unchecked the ‘allow comments’ box.

    Yeah, different people do have different ways to handle things. I agree that some negative statements can lead to bad things.. but for me.. when I say I’m lazy to work.. its just a feeling at that moment, and I hope no harm could be done *cross fingers*

  5. aih…*psst* bro…bauh geh ku kirin adon ku in ur blogroll. omg, seganlah i…maklumlah my blog is small kekeke….anyway, thanx 🙂

    Doi hal… Small blog or big blog.. suok suok samah sija ba.. =)


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