Blogging, Party & The Police

30 April 2009 UPDATE:
My sincere condolences to the Sarawak’s Chief Minister’s family on the demise of his wife Tan Sri Laila Taib.

At first, I wanted to blog about how yada..yada.. yada.. my blogging has been of late, until I read Fahriee’s latest update on the Breeze Magazine launch party at Victoria Arms this coming 30th April.

Yep, I was in the list because I self-registered.  Yes… I am no famous blogger… and yes… people do think that my day job requires me not to partay at clubs, pubs and so on.. but what do I care?? It’s my life, I want to live it.. for once.. and Fahriee my man, you just made my day!!

Well, if the girls (most probably) will be wondering what to wear for this party… I’m thinking.. “Now, where should I park my beautiful car?”  I don’t want to get another love note‘ from our Royal Malaysian Police for blocking traffic, and I also don’t want to pay for the expensive parking spots allocated by the management of the hotel.  I always see people park by the road shoulders near this abandon shopping mall, but a cheap car like mine is always prone to attract those men in white, while those BeeMeers and those Mercessss park as freely as they want.  Funny, huh??

Anyway, I know there can be so much to say about the men in uniform, but I’ll leave it just there.  It is a fact that there are a few bad heads ruining their image, but you can’t also deny the fact that there are those whom work really hard, dedicated to do their best.

So, I am looking very much forward to the party at VA, and I look forward to see my fellow blogger friends again.  Also looking forward to meeting some new friends too.  I guess, this is why I love blogging so much.  I know,some people blog for the fun of it.  Some do it for money.  Others find it as a way to get back at whom they dislike, and of course… there are those whom blog because others are blogging as well.  For me, blogging is my new social network.  Screw Facebook, Friendster or Myspace.  I think blogging is my way to say, ‘hello’ to new people, and ‘hi!!’ to new friends… and that is the main reason I blog.

…and to Fahriee… I know this may sound a little too much.. but thanks a lot man, you somehow injected that ‘special blogging serum‘ into me, when my desire to blog is slowly declining…

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