Calculation of Teacher’s Salary Under SBPA

I think many government servants are excited about the new pay scheme introduced by the PM himself last November. The promise was of a better pay scheme, and an introduction of an exit policy to boost the performance of the civil service. While I know there are many sources out there, here’s what I can gather for the teachers about the calculation of their pay.

Basically, civil servants will have a 3 time increase in 2012 as depicted in the diagram below:


How it works: The first increment is the normal yearly increment under the SSM scheme. The second increment is when this figure is matched with the closest highest pay under the new scheme (SBPA). Once matched, the figure is again raised to next available scale.
Example: If you look in the diagram, the 1st increment comes comes when the officer jumps to T6 from his previous scale T5 in the SSM scheme. His basic is now RM2148.10. He is then moved to SBPA where his pay is matched with the closest scale available, which results in another increase as his pay is now RM2150 under the SBPA T3. His pay is then move to next scale, which is SBPA T4 for the year 2012, resulting in him earning RM2375. His pay will then increase yearly based on the scale, and the performance index set. This means, for the year 2012, his pay would have increase for as much as RM317.35.

The scale of teachers pay under SBPA is reported by as seen below (click to enlarge):

Also noted that teachers are expected also enjoy more allowances as seen below.(Image obtained from

Just to note, the figures and diagrams above are taken from third party sources online, and there has yet to be any confirmation on the pay scale, or the amount of allowances allocated.  The above explanation is also based on my own understanding, so it may be flawed.
Nonetheless, I personally believe that there is some truth to the diagrams and news I find online, and.. well.. there is no harm in expecting something good.

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