Chinese New Year Special Set by BCCK

If you check airlines flying into Kuching a few days before Chinese New Year, you’d notice one thing, which is the flights are fully sold out. This I attribute to the one tradition Chinese seem to hold tight, which is the ‘Re-union dinner’. Held on the eve of the Chinese New Year, this will see practically everyone fly back home, and Kuching is no exception.

However, over the years, more and more Chinese families are choosing to dine out for their reunion dinner, and this is when places like the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) comes in. They are offering the Chinese New Year Set Special for those wanting to do the ‘Yee Sang’ without having to do much preparation. I got a chance to taste what’s cooking at BCCK’s Special CNY Set this year.

So, our ‘Yee Sang’ that night was nasty, or more accurately ‘violent’. They say, the higher you do the ‘Yee Sang’, the better, and so we did. The result was this:

After that, we were served the 4 dishes available for the CNY Set, and while the rest focused on the beautiful decorated servings, I choose to take mine as it went in my plate. My reason: the servings would be too commercial looking, and God knows I don’t want my blog to be like that. Probably I’ll start making food reviews this way.

The first I tried was the “Braised Sea Bass with Preserved “Tong Chai” and garlic”. I’m not a fan of fish, but a fish with little bones just can’t go wrong for me.

Next up was the “Steamed Village Chicken with Red Dates and Chestnut” (photo above). The soup was just right, and the chicken practically melted upon reaching your mouth. Yes, that’s how it was, and I definitely had seconds, and thirds, and fourths… hehehe..teeeheeheheeh.. =P

Also tried out the “Stir Fried Sea Prawn with Oriental Sauce” (photo above). Sweet on the outside, and fresh in the inside, and it was crispy enough to make it simply lovely eaten alone. I had my reservations over the shells of the prawns, but I guess the prawn wouldn’t taste as nice without the shells.

Last and probably the best. If I had fourths of the chicken, then this soup deserves special mention.

The “Eight Treasure Dried Seafood with Fish Lips” (photo above) was delightful with chilli mixed into it, making the soup not only spicy enough for my taste, but also addictive as hell! While the rest were busy chatting and sharing stories, happy with a full tummy, I kept on going sipping the soup while ensuring it had a good dose of chillies. It was easy to say, this was the dish of the night!

Well, if you are interested to enjoy this dish, you’d probably need to call +6082392888 to make a reservation for either lunch or dinner, or both. It’s in the offerings from 9 January – 6 February 2012, with a price tag of RM788++ and RM988++.

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