Chuwi hasn’t sent my Surbook

The Chuwi Surbook front and back

I’ve told you before I was backing this Indiegogo campaign by Chuwi, in which Chuwi was selling a copy version of the Microsoft Surface called the Surbook.

The Surbook if you don’t recall, is a 12.3-inch tablet/laptop which is powered by an Intel Celeron (Lake) processor with 6GB of RAM and an option of having 128GB or 64GB storage, and an aluminium body.

The Chuwi Surbook photo
The Chuwi Surbook photo

Priced at RM1,700 (USD399), it was a steal with Chuwi throwing in a stylus pen (Worth RM200), and a keyboard (Worth RM500), making the actual cost of the Surbook easily hitting RM2,400.

You have to excuse me for being excited, especially with such prices. FYI, the Microsoft Surface is going for over RM3,000.


Anyway, an email from Chuwi’s customer service recently also revealed that they would be shipping out the Surbook in August 2017. They promised the Surbook in July 2017, so this was a welcomed news.

Chuw Surbook campaign promise
Chuwi promised shipment would be in July 2017, but it has not arrived until today.

In my post about the announcement, I was excited. After months of delay, said to be due to defects and further improvements, I am finally going to get the Surbook that doesn’t weight more than 1KG, and can be brought for my travels, enabling me to blog on the go easily.

But almost a month has passed, and I have yet to be listed as one of those going to receive my Surbook because apparently Chuwi is sending out the Surbook based on model and geographical location, and Malaysia is apparently one of the last on the list.


Now, I am a person who believes the good in most people, and despite the months of delay, I am still hopeful that my order will be listed soon as being sent.

Some backers of the Surbook have made threats and also requested refunds, while others who already got their Surbook are complaining about it’s quality.

Chuwi Surbook complaints
The complaints made by some backers. Screenshot from Indiegogo Chuwi Surbook

So far, I’ve been quite about all the negativity posted on the Chuwi SurBook Indiegogo site, and hope that my Surbook would be sent soon, and would not have any issues like earlier sent Surbooks

I’m doing this because I’d prefer to think that the many delays would give Chuwi vital feedback over what’s currently wrong with their Surbook, and hence give them the opportunity to do some minor repairs before shipping the next possible batch.

This way, when I get mine, it will be with little to none issues, and I am crossing my fingers.


Nonetheless, if the the wait for the Surbook proves to be too long, I may also considering cancelling my order, and buying another brand.

There’s only so long before my patience loses out, and the fact I am now looking at the Asus Transformer Pro 3 and Acer Switch Alpha as replacements, is a good sign I am very close to the end of my patience.

I just hope Chuwi would send out my Surbook really soon because now, my 3 year old laptop is also having some networking problems, despite it still perfect in other ways.

Above all, Football Manager 2018 is close to being released, so I’d really love to have that on the go as well.

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