Taking RM1.8K worth of risk on the Chuwi Surbook

Likely, this is not your typical tech blog post because here, as briefly as I can, I’ll be talking to you about me taking a risk on Chuwi.

Chuwi isn’t a household name when it comes to computers in Malaysia and it is largely unknown, even until this blogpost is published. In fact, I bet some of you may have never heard of Chuwi before, if it’s not because of me, writing about it, here, and doing a review of their Chuwi Hi10 here.


I’ve learned about Chuwi from tech blogs based in Europe and US, where they have made significant inroads because they produce good products, at affordable rates, which is something I am always for, being the Asian in me.

If you are familiar with Xiaomi, the so called ‘Apple of China’, then it’s something like that lah, only that, Xiaomi is more on ‘lifestyle gadgets’ like smartphones and stuff, while Chuwi is more focused on affordable laptops and tablets with their latest target, the Microsoft Surface.

I honestly never knew how good the Chuwi brand was (except for what I read online) until I bought a Chuwi Hi10 recently (it is going for only RM1.1K on Lazada), and I would say it wasn’t that bad after all. The video of the review can be seen here.

Now, Chuwi had decided to do a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo to pre-sale their latest offering, the Chuwi Surbook, which they claim to be better than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Apple iPad Pro as you see below.

When I saw the specifications and price, it was basically a ‘Take my money’ moment because I always wanted a computer that I could carry around easily, and Chuwi was offering just that at USD399 (pre-sales price on Indiegogo) – RM1.8K based on the current exchange rate.

So yeah, I’m not sure if the Chuwi Surbook would be good, nor will I know if it’s going to be worth it, but Chuwi did promise shipping will be made in July, so I’m hoping this would be a worthy investment. If it’s not, then I just lost myself RM1.8K for a piece of aluminium shit.

Oh, if you are interested to know how many Chuwi products have made it to Malaysia, you might want to check Lazada here. Boleh tahan owh!!

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