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Controlling smartphone and gadget time

Controlling smartphone and gadget time isn’t easy for anyone who uses smartphones and gadgets a lot.  It is hard to put down the these two items at any time. The constant need of knowing what’s going on, and the fact that almost everything can be found on such digital devices makes it even more difficult to put down on a regular basis.

While such problem isn’t an issue with me, or my wife who are both adults, but an issue started to arise when I noticed my 3 year old girl was started getting too attached to her phone, despite the fact that we do control her smartphone use.

The problem became more serious I guess when I noticed that she would try to stay up, even when she was obviously sleepy, which for me, is not something good, and hence the need to start controlling smartphone use

So, with that now happening, both my wife and I have agreed to all put down the smartphone while at home, and only use it when the need arises, as in for important matters.

As parents, you have to lead by example bah kan? You can’t tell a child one thing, and then you do it yourself. That’s bad leadership in my books, and I really dislike it when some authority says we can’t do this, yet they are doing it.

Anyway, the decision came a few days ago, way before the Borneo Post published an article about Children being able to contract Pseudo-Autism due to gadget addiction, but to be honest, the article just proves a point that there needs to be more control for gadget use among children, and to some extend adults.

Controlling smartphone
Sasa with a book bought by Aunty Syaz

So from now on, I’m turning back to traditional reading materials like books which I bought from Book Despository, which is an awesome place to buy books at relatively cheap prices.

But for all of you reading this, if you are a friend, contact, or even an acquaintance, I may not be answering your text immediately if you happen to message me as I will only be online during certain hours of the day, likely when my daughter is sleeping, or not with me.

I did install WhatsApp Business, so if you do text me during that non-available hours via WhatsApp, you’ll get an instant reply from me about my possible late reply and how a call would be needed if it’s urgent.

Til then, physical books it is.

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