Fatherhood: A Father’s Day gift


Heh, this is like a very late post. Ain’t easy to blog about personal stuff when you have other blogs to update.

Anyway, last June, my wife and my daughter decided to surprise me with a Father’s day gift. I know other fathers get gifts too, but this was my first Father’s day, so do allow me to gloat a bit heheheh…
Mi4i present2
I’ve always told my wife I intend to switch my Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone for a dual-SIM phone so that I could have two sets of numbers, one for work and another for the people close to me. Well, for Father’s day, they got me a dual-SIM smartphone which was the Xiaomi Mi4i and I’ve been using it since. Like I told my wife, she can’t go wrong with gadgets, because I just love them, and in this case, the Mi4i was something I was eyeing.

I’m still waiting to post up a review of the phone, but the phone has now managed me to separate my work life with my personal life. That’s a huge relief for being able to do that, although personally, I dislike having two numbers as it will cost me more. I’m already spending loads of money on connectivity so this new cost is hugely unwelcome although I figure, necessary.
Mi4i present
But regardless, I am happy with the Mi4i, and it was indeed unexpected since I was not expecting anything for Father’s day.

Would be nice to have a new smartphone every Father’s day =P but that’s just plain wasting money hahahaha…

Anyway, I’ll be putting up two Xiaomi smartphones for sale on either Lelong.com.my or Ebay.com soon, and bidding starts at RM10. The phone models are the Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Rarely used and looks like new!) and the Xiaomi Mi3 (One of the best smartphones out there!).

If you are looking for a great phone, but do not want to burn your pocket, do bid and keep an eye on my Facebook page for information on when I am starting the bidding process.

To bid for the Xiaomi Mi 3 go here: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/131553967621
Yo bid for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S go here: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/131553973836

Price of both smartphones starts at RM10, and auction will end in 3 days. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Happy bidding!


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