Football Manager 2020 Touch

I had recently purchased the Football Manager 2020 Touch.

Friends will know I am an avid Football Manager player.

I love the game so much, that I’ve spend about RM100 – 200 yearly just to buy the game, yet find myself not having time to play it.


Every Football Manager game, known also as FM, is slightly different from the previous.

Sometimes the changes are major, sometimes they are minor changes.

I did buy the Football Manager 2019 game for my PC, but like most of my games, I ended not playing it.

I’m not entirely sure what was new in the 2019 edition due to that.

I have however been playing the Football Manager Touch 2017 for four years.

That said, my comparison of the game would be between the 2017 version, and the 2020 version.


For starters I liked the deeper detailed management requirements in the newer 2020 edition.

Compared to the 2017 edition, this one was more complete to play with and seems closer to the desktop edition which is the full version.

Due to this, the experience of playing FM Touch 2020 is better.

Secondly, the there are more challenges added, and the 3D graphics for the match is kind of impressive.

There’s really not much for me to say because the truth is, I really love Football Manager.


Remember the complete experience? While it gives better experience for playing, it also makes the game more complicated.

This means I need more time to dwell on things like tactics, team previews and player selection.

This isn’t good considering I don’t have much time on my hands and usually play FM2020 Touch when I am on the go.

Secondly, the requirements of the game are higher this time around so the game doesn’t move that smooth when played with my old 4 year old Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.  The game doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Last but not least, I dislike the personalization of the player/coach at the start.

Football Manager 2020 Touch

I think this feature is a waste of time and resources because you don’t exactly get to see your avatar when you are playing.

The game however does get more complicated after a few seasons, making it rather difficult to win championships.


You can get the game on the Football Manager 2020 Touch on Android and the Apple store.

The game is also available via STEAM.

Links to buy the game are below.

FM2020 via STEAM | FM2020 Touch via Playstore | FM2020 Touch via Apple Store


Since I am already talking about the game, here’s some tips on how I managed my team to become successful.

Mind you, this these may not work for your team as every team is different.

  1. Look into training. – Different training creates different levels of understanding and tactical approaches for the team.
  2. Configure set-pieces. – Based on the physical attributes of your team, create tactics that can make an impact. If your team has a lot of good headers, it may be wise to crowd the penalty area.
  3. Look into coaches – This is important because good coaches can help advice you better.  They also help players improve better.
  4. Look into scouts – Choose a scout that has high judging of player’s potential and ability. It will help you sign new stars, or bring in better players.
  5. Arrange a lot of friendlies with big clubs during the pre-season.  If you have finance limitations, its good to arrange pre-season matches with massive clubs. This helps generate income.



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