Four Points Ramadan buffet: Great value for great food

I have every reason to love the month of Ramadan, and it has everything to do with food. This year, Four Points by Sheraton had given me an insight of what’s on the menu for the holy month, and I can say I am excited to just talk about it!

Now, Four Points isn’t really a stranger in Kuching or the world, as they have over 155 hotels in nearly 30 countries.

The difference however is that not many seem to note of Four Points Kuching’s Ramadan buffet, so it was indeed something interesting to see what they had to offer in comparison to their rivals in town which I had visited in previous years.

The chef and staff of Four Points in front of the roasted lamb.
The chef and staff of Four Points in front of the roasted lamb.

The Ramadan buffet this year is themed ‘Balik Kampung’ and it couldn’t be more apt with Four Points taking extra effort to introduce more local dishes in their menu this time around which includes a huge range of sambals, local delicacies and Sarawak umai ikan.

Unfortunately however, during the food tasting event I was invited to attend last Tuesday, they left out the ‘sambals‘, but promised it would make an appearance during the month of Ramadan.

For an absolute sambal lover like me, it was a bit of a disappointment, but luckily, there was more to check out such as fresh tiger prawns, scallops, bubur pedas and many more.

With tonnes of food available for my picking, I was indeed spoil of choices, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you about everything served. Also do note that I’m more traditional in my food selection, and I am not in any way an expert in food tasting.

Breaking my own tradition at buffets, I decided to go for the wonderful assortments of appetizers with the Midin shrimp salad and ais krim soda sirap bandung becoming the first things I ate/drank at the event.

The cold Midin shrimp salad surprised me as its chilled nature gave the usually ‘blacan mixed’ fern a refreshing taste to my enjoyment, despite myself being not a huge fan of cold dishes.

Midin shrimp salad - A cold dish which surprised me.
Midin shrimp salad – A cold dish which surprised me. (Pardon the image, lighting was not that good for photography purposes)

What came next was simply large quantities of Asian delights with the signature Cantonese style fried noodles and specially made chicken rice making its way to my plate, together with Baby Kailan cooked in oyster sauce and squids which seemed to be cooked with onions and sauce.

My plate of Asian goodies which was really filling.
My plate of Asian goodies which was really filling.

The obvious feast on my plate did look a little messy, but I would recommend the chicken rice and Cantonese style fried noodles as they were almost superb!  The noodles in particular was allowed to excrete it’s original flavor, hence making the little soup accompanying the noodles simply perfect!

Also making its way to my plate was the roast lamb or in full length name, Roast Arabic whole lamb with Basmati rice.

Whole roasted lamb withBasmati  arabic rice
Whole roasted lamb withBasmati arabic rice

Full praises would go to the Basmati rice which I found to be good even when eaten by itself, and the lamb was tender enough for my liking. Despite the fact that this dish wasn’t on Four Points signature dish list, I’d recommend it with some spicy black pepper sauce.

Another thing I felt Four Points did right was the Indonesian bakso soup.

I have eaten bakso before, and the meat balls and soup were extremely salty for my liking.  However, the one served by Four Points was indeed just nice with the meat balls popping softly, right as my teeth crushed it in my mouth.  Tender meat balls indeed!

Beef Serunding Rendang Pizza - I'd eat this alone if it was served hot. Delicious!
Beef Serunding Rendang Pizza – I’d eat this alone if it was served hot. Delicious!

With my tummy almost filled, I went for a slice of ‘Beef Serunding Redang pizza‘ which I think would be excellent served hot/warm. The slice I had was rather cold, but that didn’t deter the good taste it had.  Interestingly, if I recall correctly, this is the only restaurant/hotel offering pizza for their Ramadan buffet in Kuching.

Another dish which came highly recommended by the polite staff at The Eatery, was the signature Arabic Baklava.  This sweet dish tasted almost like ‘moon cake’ but its crispy nature gave it a slight edge over any other desserts I could think off.  It was simply delicious, I just had to go for seconds despite my full tummy.

Arabic Baklava - This was superb. Fitting for desserts.
Arabic Baklava – This was superb. Fitting for desserts.

With the watch already striking a good 830PM, I made my way to the loaded dessert area and scooped some ice cream, knowing I would not be able to stuff myself with the assortment of cakes and cendol available.

That was my last dish of the night, and my ‘not so fitting’ pants were proof that I just had a feast.

To say the least, the Ramadan buffet by Four Points was indeed surprising given the large selection of dishes, and the quality presented by each dish I had.

On top of that, I was amazed by The Eatery, which was the restaurant serving the buffet, as it was very spacious hence allowing me to walk with ease while selecting my choice of food.

For those wanting to try out the ‘Balik Kampung Ramadan Feast @ The Eatery, be prepared to pay RM80 nett per adult pax.

I’d strongly advice you to book your seats in advance shall you decide to give the buffet a try as I was told some do tend to get disappointed when they decide to walk in at the very last minute.  For bookings and more information on the buffet, as well as to know about a special Ramadan meeting package, do call +082280880.


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