Gearing into fatherhood: The last lap!


I am actually counting the days before I ‘upgrade’ my status to another level soon, and despite having nine months to prepare myself, I am still having mixed feelings about all the changes I am expecting. It’s not easy to explain it all, but there’s a whole lot of excitement all mixed somewhere in there.

People seem to be very kind with a lot of free advises lately, with me sinking each and every advice in, and reserving them for the coming weeks.

I am however a bit worried about my wife because she is experiencing some typical pregnancy signs such as her feet swelling up like ‘Big Hero 6’ (seen above), and her bulging tummy. Nothing extraordinary, but its all new to me, and it worries me seeing all these changes.

Truth to be told, everything seems to be moving so fast lately that sometimes I feel I’m playing ‘catch up’ with my own life. But that’s not entirely a bad thing, because I am a ‘fast runner’ although I have put on some weight lately.

Anyway, I’m finding it more difficult to update this personal blog of mine lately, but let’s just hope that ‘writer’s block’ will pass on.

For now, I’m just preparing for the moment to drive my car to the emergency room to welcome the newest member of my young family.


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